The Essence of PdP


Team Helsinki On tires (HOT) 2012-13


Team Torque Squad [kNm] all in their project tractor 2015-16

Team ABB and the Coco kit 2015-16









Product Development Project (PdP) course is primarily aimed at students of engineering, industrial design, and business and whoever else is interested in product development.

However, the course is open for other students and there have been participants from various master’s studies e.g. cognitive science, anthropology, and biology. The course is intended for the final stage of studies. You can register fr the course on Aalto WebOodi. 

Studying is based on problem based learning (PBL) philosophy. Most of the problems are given and sponsored by manufacturing companies, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers. At start, much attention is directed to the forming of highly motivated interdisciplinary teams. A project typically includes phases of planning, searching for information, creation of concepts, decision making and detailed computer aided development. The project phases of manufacture, assembly, and testing are strongly related to the most valuable learning experiences.

PdP-course is hosted by Design Factory, which is an experimental co-creation platform of Aalto University. Design Factory as an operational environment is two fold. The material side consists of team working spaces, machine & electroshops, prototyping & testing facilities, software tools and such like. Its immaterial form is composed of low bureaucracy, low hierarchy, interaction, development methods and workshops that support co-creation and planned coincidences.