Electronics Workshop

Date(s) - 29/11/2017-01/12/2017

Teacher: Teemu and Lassi from ADF Electroshop.

When: Wed 29.11, Thu 30.11 and Fri 1.12 each day at 12:00-16:00.

Where: Engine room, ADF.

Learning Objectives:

– Day 1 (29.11)

Installing Arduino software IDE, and learn ‘the basic of embedded systems’ development process. We are using C – language, study how to use, select and read sensors. We use standard Arduino Uno – platform.

– Day 2 (30.11)

Internet of things. Learning send data to cloud services, namely Thingkspeak – environment.
We use ESP8266 – wifi shield i Arduino environment.

– Day 3 (1.12)

Learning how to use more sophisticated platforms and protocols (MQTT – sever) and how to present data in visual environment. This year we take raspberry pi 3 b -module and using Node-Red environment. Beside this we might use Digita:s LoRa network if necessary.

After that we help student in a face to face interaction. Some need more knowledge of PCB – board designing, some more about sensors etc.

Every student should bring their own laptop. Most prefer is Linux, but MacOs or Windows are as well suitable.

By accomplishing the workshop, participants will get 1 ECTS.


No pre-understanding of electronic required. Course is planned for non-tech students, business and arts student are highly encouraged to join.

Places: 15 students.

Sign up here: (link)

No one became e-designer on three day course, but everyone saves month or years of self-learning.

Love to see you all!
Teemu and Lassi / Electroshop

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