The course is open for all students from Business and Technology starting their Master studies, Student from Design can already take part in PdP at the last year of their Bachelor studies.

The course lasts the whole academic year and is worth 10-15 ECTS. For students in partner universities, the application process is managed by local supervisors at their home university.

1. Enrollment


You should do the registration through WebOodi.
The course code is: MEC-E3001

Access to WebOodi

For students without access to WebOodi, please contact the course staff.

Introduction lecture

Attend the first PdP lecture and get to know everything about the structure of the course and its arrangements.

2. Find your dream team

Be active

There will be team formation activities during the second lecture.
Be an active participant and you will find the perfect team for you!

Fulfil team requirements

Please note that we do check if the teams fill out our criteria before we let the team to be formed. More details will be provided during the lectures.

  • "During PdP, we had the opportunity to try new things and work on challenging tasks, at times it was difficult, but it was very rewarding and emotional when things worked, what I gained from teamwork is unique in PDP."

    Yuying Li “Espe” | Business | PdP 2018
  • "PdP is an interdisciplinary roller coaster!"

    Serpil Oguz | Design | PdP 2019
  • "Some of the main reasons that led me to participate in PdP were: long term project with a lot of freedom and flexibility where students make decisions and shape the outcome and final prototype while working in close collaboration with industry."

    Hazal Alkan | New Media | PdP 2018
  • "In PdP you will learn things that you cannot learn anywhere else. It is not easy, but it might be worth it"

    Eero Prittinen | Electrical Engineering | PdP 2019
  • "What kept me going throughout the project, was that Design Factory is this amazing place that you never know who you are going to meet, not only students from different schools but experts that can answer your questions. This place draws so many interesting and cool people that are also highly dedicated, a lot of my other classes don’t offer that."

    Laura Hawk | Biomedical Engineering | PdP 2018
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