PdP Project Portfolio

Arcticum (2012-13)

You know what it means to dress for success, and you make an effort to look fresh and polished. Why do any different with your phone and tablet?

Team Arcticum is developing a streamlined, touch free microfiber wipe dispenser filled with NordicHug’s natural based formula, so that you’ll have exactly what you need to keep your touch screens germ-free, smudge-free and all-around fresh.  With no harsh chemicals to damage the protective coating on touch screens, it’s the only formula that’s completely safe for you and your gadgets. So look fresh, and keep your touch screens fresh, too!

Sponsored by NordicHug

What happened after PdP?

The project was introduced to Medvedev (Prime Minister of Russia) as well as to Jyrki Katainen (Prime Minister of Finland) already in fall 2012. Here is the story from Aalto University website.

In august 2013 the small start up, that sponsored team Arcticum, joined forces with Rovio and now their products can be found also with Angry Bird flavor!