PdP Project Portfolio

Helsinki on Tires (2012-13)

Hey, why don’t you cycle?
Is your bike in a bad condition, should it just be washed or don’t you know any nice routes in Helsinki?
Helsinki on Tires’ objective is to make people cycle more in Helsinki. Whether you are facing problems such as the difficulty of washing your bike in a city apartment or the lack of know-how to change your brake pads, we are determined to remove these obstacles between you and cycling!
The Pyöräkeskus in Kamppi has been the inspiration for our project and throughout extensive research we have solved different problems, making it easier for you to take out your bike and ride it!
Sponsored by City of Helsinki
What happened after PdP?
One of the team members was hired to continue the project during summer 2013 and the project was introduced to President Sauli Niinistö during his visit to Design Factory.
The final report can be found from Lähiöprojekti-website.