PdP Project Portfolio

Team Bumblebees

What happens when you automate the transfer of the load from a tower crane plus minimize the swing of the load? Safety would increase immense and would make working on construction sites so much easier and especially way faster. Developing such a prototype and implement this idea on a real crane would revolutionize the world of building and construction drastically. And this is what drives us. We are a team of nine international students with four nationalities (Finnish, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and German). Our team consists of mechanical, mechatronic and informatics engineers and one business student. Everybody has different skills and qualities to offer which give us the advantage of being able to solve our problem. We are currently building a miniature prototype of a tower crane on which we apply sensors, which detect e.g. the current position of the load and implement a feedback control, which controls the transfer and the swinging at the same time.


Image sources: https://image.flaticon.com/icons/png/512/31/31772.png