PdP Project Portfolio

Team Double V (2018-19)

Our mission is to create a revolutionary welding mask which brings the technology to the welding industry. Until now, technology is slightly implemented to the field even all the planning and design are done technically. We want to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of the welding work by implementing VR & AR solutions to the welding mask.

There are three deliverables what the project aims:

Data input
Data output

By implementing the data input with AR, the welder is provided the information where and what should be welded next. Data output enhance the efficiency as the mask sends the result to the supervisor who can control the work effectively and make quality assurance where ever s/he is. Visibility ensures better working conditions for the welder and thus improves the quality of the welding.

The project is sponsored by Haapaniemen Tietotekniikka. Their knowledge of welding industry, product development, and software mixed with our multidisciplinary team consisting of mechanical and biomedical engineering, physics, design, and occupational health students make this project an exciting and surely a versatile journey.

But why the Double V? Did you know that virtual reality has been considered as early as in 1938 in the collection of essays called Le Théâtre et son Double by Antonin Ardaud.

Sponsor: Haapaniemen