PdP Project Portfolio

Team Floss (2018-19)

We are Team FLOSS and our project is to increase the value of an articulating arm design through LEAN production methods and innovation of the primary mechanisms which achieve our desired outcome: we work toward producing a high-quality stability arm to hold vibration/movement sensitive equipment such as an x-ray tube head or optical microscope.
The challenge is high to maintain the top of the line quality of the Focus arm while reducing the overall cost of the product. We will pursue our solutions by re-imagining the mechanics of the design and expanding upon the functionality of the part. Simultaneously, the new design has the goal of being easier to produce and disassemble.
With highly skilled students from Aalto University and Riga Technical University, we are set to bring to market a new and improved market-leading staple to dentist’s offices across the world.

Sponsor: Kavo Kerr