PdP Project Portfolio

Team Futulift (2017-18)

Our mission is to develop an elevator car that can be installed by a robot, as well as develop the robot to do this task. This project is all about futuristic technology and making a case study of robotic-centric product design. If the product is designed to be assembled by a robot, the parts can be compiled together in a way that is not possible for a human. Also with a robot for example the mass of different parts and ergonomy while assembling are not an issue.

The project is sponsored by Kone Oyj. We have a talented international team in which six members work in Helsinki and five members in Munich. Our strength is in mechatronics, but we also have for example a business shark, a designer, a computer wizard and an applied mechanics guru in our team.

So far we have done our PD6 prototype, played with Arduinos and Lego Mindstorms, brainstormed ideas for both the elevator car and the robot, made schedules and rules for the project, and bonded as a team. In May we will have finished prototypes of both the elevator car and the robot.

This is still a very early stage of the project, so stay tuned –This page will be further updated when the project proceeds. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact us: futulift@gmail.com