PdP Project Portfolio

Team Gravity Fighters

Mobile. Lightweight. Battery powered. HOIST.

Traditionally the power is fed to the hoist from the grid, and this always requires a certain infrastructure on site. As the batteries are developing fast, an alternative power feeding solution could be utilizing the batteries instead of power grid.

Our team’s goal is to develop a new hoisting product for our sponsor Konecranes using battery as power source. Another goal is to make it portable, compact, lightweight while satisfying lifting needs of our customers. A final prototype will be presented at the final PdP Gala at Aalto Design Factory.
The Battery powered hoist product can be used in remote areas (without electrical grid) or places where the high voltage power supply is not available. For our sponsoring company Konecranes this opens new market segments including households, shipping, construction, mining, servicing, agriculture and maintenance.

Team Gravity Fighters consists of 8 students based in Finland and Germany. Our team members have expertise in Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Manufacturing, SW engineering and Business.

For more information feel free to contact us: aimane.blej(AT)aalto(DOT)fi