PdP Project Portfolio

Team Mind Matter (2018-19)

Memory disorders have never been more serious than it is in the modern day. With new advancements in medication and care facilities, why are we still unable to have a significant impact on its mitigation? This is the challenge that Team Mind Matter will pursue to resolve.

Our goal is to hinder the progress of memory disorientations at its early stages as opposed to finding the cure procedures once the individual is diagnosed with dementia or a similar symptom. We are aiming for creating an innovative solution for an adult daycare center which can help people with light to middle-level memory disorientations, to slow done or even ensure that the memory disorientations does not progress towards a memory disease. In doing so, we will take a course of prevention and ensure the maintenance of an individual’s memory level with stimulating activities, comfortable environments, and aesthetic architecture.

Sponsor: FMC (Future Memory Care)