PdP Project Portfolio

Team Nose Knows (2018-19)

Smell is the most important sense for a dog. A dog’s nose as a sensor is more sensitive than any detection technologies available for testing diseases, contamination, organisms etc. When dogs are trained to recognize different smells, it stimulates the dog’s brain, reduces anxiety and strengthens the pet-human bond.
Our goal is to design a robotic device, which through play and reward trains dogs to recognize specific smells. After initial training, the robot works independently so the dog gets trained while the owner is away. This also keeps the dog engaged and channelizes their energy. Basically, the dog plays and learns when alone, instead of chewing on furniture 🙂
We are team Nose Knows, an interdisciplinary team consisting of students from Aalto University, Finland and Yonsei University, South Korea. Our sponsor Nose academy is a Finnish academic start-up company that does research on the use of canine smell behavior.

Sponsor: Nose Academy