PdP Project Portfolio

Team Trident (2017-18)

Everybody needs to eat, but that’s not the reason why we all go out to restaurants. Restaurants have always been great places for family reunions, business meetings and events celebrations. Ideas are born and friendships are strengthened during meals.

We want to make sure that customers have the best possible experience while savoring their food, and this experience should reflect their surroundings and stay up-to-date in an ever-changing world.

Things are going to be a lot different in the future. Have you ever pictured a fully automated kitchen? One where robotic chefs prepare your food, and everything moves seamlessly in peaceful harmony. Fast food would be faster, and humanoid robots could cook exquisite dishes with unimaginable precision.

Our team members from Aalto University and University of São Paulo are working on a robot chef that will revolutionize the restaurant business and make every single meal unforgettable.

Come visit us at the Gala and take a sneak peek at what the restaurant of the future will look like.