PdP Project Portfolio

Wisionary (2012-13)

Wisionary makes a bold shot at making exploring one’s surroundings fun and intuitive thing to do on a ship command bridge. We bring a never-before-seen product on ship that started out as a reach to discover the world of augmented reality in the ship industry.

Our aim is now to enable current-generation augmented reality apps for the bridge crew to give the future captains and first mates a personal unprecedented view of the world around them with it – no matter where they go. Together with this enhanced situational awareness, the newest Wärtsilä command bridge solutions are more integrated than ever before, offering more exciting features to the true journeymen of the seas.

Who are we? We come from Aalto university and PACE university, in co-operation with our sponsor Wärtsilä.

Sponsored by Wärtsilä