Be a Project Manager

Every year we are searching for potential candidates to fill the position of team project manager. We have normally 15-20 projects, and for each one we need a project manager. The managers will get 2 extra ECTS and enjoy the best learning experience.

The manager’s role may be challenging in various ways:

  • “Someone” must keep the research,  planning, execution & and polishing phases under control
  • Managing & leading the team through issues like
    • Part-time effort
    • Conflicting interests, other studies, hobbies, work, dating, life…
    • Communication
    • Unavailable skills and motivation
    • Uneven workload
    • Individual responsibility
  • Rather limited means for punishment or reward

As it will be after PdP, in any job or organization.

But there is also something special for you:

  • Extensive training on project management
  • Project managers will receive two extra credits adding up to 12 credits in total with possibility to receive 15 credits for extra assignments.
  • The best learning experience & strong merit for working life
  • 110% support from the course staff – we strive for gentle and firm coaching

How to become a project manager?

The selection of project managers will be done as a part of the team formation process. In order to become a project manager candidate, you should be:

  • a present student of the PdP
  • highly motivated & willing to coach others towards top-level learning & doing within your own team

If you are studying product development, considering the role of a PM is a natural option. If you’ve already studied project management, why not to try out how the science works in practice? Notice: We’ve also had awesome managers from Design, Business and from Cognitive science. Challenge yourself and learn!

Most importantly, the candidate must understand that the management is not something for the manager to fulfill the need for recognition. It is leading role that is important for the whole team, and an amazing opportunity to learn project management. If you have courage, enthusiasm & humor – why not go for it?

We would be happy to hear if you are interested in the role of a project manager and answer any additional questions you may have, so please feel free to contact the teaching team. So if you’re interested in the position make sure to attend the first lecture and sign up for the potential PM candidates evaluation session!