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Team Heat

Fireplaces are said to be the heart of a home. They create the feeling of calm and welcoming atmosphere into homes but more importantly, a fireplace is an excellent heater due to its extraordinary heat retaining characteristics.

A lot of positive emotions are attached to fireplaces and therefore it is pity that people living in apartments can not share those feelings. However, this is about to change, because Team Heat has accepted the challenge from Tulikivi to create a portable fireplace suitable for apartments.

If you would like to know how the future fireplace looks like, come and meet Team Heat at the Gala.

Team Fabulous Bees

Link Box is the electricity cabinet at private houses operated by Caruna – the biggest electricity distribution company in Finland. The current solution has been excellent in providing reliable electricity as Caruna business core value. However, the company sees the needs to improve the network that will match future demands.
That’s when our team joined in to work on this challenge. With 10 members from diversified educational background from Aalto University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, we are working on two scopes to develop prototype for the Future-Link-Box, which are (1) Appearance and (2) Additional Functionality.
For any inquiries or feedbacks regarding our work, please contact us at ekaterina.sakarinen@aalto.fi. You can also follow our team and project progress via Instagram @fabulousbeepdp.

Team Wheeel

The Wheeel team is making the roads safer by building a device, which allows you to safely use your phone’s navigation and music functions from the driver’s seat.
Wheeel combines mechanical, electrical and software engineering with beautiful design to build a revolutionary user interface.

Team Innoboatics

A lot of alarm information in Engine Control Room. How do cruise team know what they are looking for in the urgent situation?
Our team mission is to find out the root cause of alarms as well as the solution for it which can improve the current situation of alarm system basing on the end-user experience. Innoboatic stepped on board on different cruise ships to conduct interviews from end-user point of view and collect the necessary information for our projects. Our purpose is to increase customer’s satisfaction as well as to increase company’s competitive advantages among other competitors.
Team Innoboatic is group of students from Finland, Japan and Vietnam. They are coming from three different universities and they are representing many field of expertise: Business, Design and Engineering. Team is also honor to have specialists from the company Wärtsilä and very helpful end users to being involved to this opportunity.

Team Gravity Fighters

Mobile. Lightweight. Battery powered. HOIST.

Traditionally the power is fed to the hoist from the grid, and this always requires a certain infrastructure on site. As the batteries are developing fast, an alternative power feeding solution could be utilizing the batteries instead of power grid.

Our team’s goal is to develop a new hoisting product for our sponsor Konecranes using battery as power source. Another goal is to make it portable, compact, lightweight while satisfying lifting needs of our customers. A final prototype will be presented at the final PdP Gala at Aalto Design Factory.
The Battery powered hoist product can be used in remote areas (without electrical grid) or places where the high voltage power supply is not available. For our sponsoring company Konecranes this opens new market segments including households, shipping, construction, mining, servicing, agriculture and maintenance.

Team Gravity Fighters consists of 8 students based in Finland and Germany. Our team members have expertise in Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Manufacturing, SW engineering and Business.

For more information feel free to contact us: aimane.blej(AT)aalto(DOT)fi

Team Plänt

Our Plänt-stick combined with the gaming app is a helping hand teaching your child responsibility. The App promotes playful learning and will help your child take care of their first plant while growing an emotional bond.

Team HuVi

The workwear locker is a classic Lindström product. It has been a central part of Lindström’s workwear service for decades. With its simple and almost timeless design, the locker has served customers and end-users with simplicity and convenience. However, when facing the developments of 21st century and this decade, the locker is getting outdated. New innovations, such as the Internet of Things and automatization, have taken over many aspects of everyday life at home and at the workplace. Our task is to bring the workwear locker into this decade.

Our Team consists of enthusiastic students from multiple disciplines and cultures. We share a Huge Vision, thus the team name HuVi. We have been applying extensive user research in order to identify the key problems that Lindström’s customers face each day. Based on the insights and findings we work towards creating a prototype that will transform the beginning of the workday to an event you wait for. Interaction with the new locker brightens your day and makes even Mondays enjoyable.

Team Dragonfly

With the fast-paced development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drones, the urban commute and transportation are changing rapidly. Nowadays, Drones are capable of making deliveries and believed to be part of our everyday life in near future. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE understands flow of people in buildings and surrounding environment are subjected to such changes.
Our mission is to create an automated drone that can use elevator independently and take part in the flow of people safely and reliably. In the project, newest technological applications and challenges such as precision indoor navigation, cloud computing-based communication and autonomous flight control are applied.
Our Team consists of 8 members with multicultural and multidisciplinary backgrounds. We have worked diligently, cooperatively and above all, we share great passion for new technology and innovation.

Team Bumblebees

What happens when you automate the transfer of the load from a tower crane plus minimize the swing of the load? Safety would increase immense and would make working on construction sites so much easier and especially way faster. Developing such a prototype and implement this idea on a real crane would revolutionize the world of building and construction drastically. And this is what drives us. We are a team of nine international students with four nationalities (Finnish, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and German). Our team consists of mechanical, mechatronic and informatics engineers and one business student. Everybody has different skills and qualities to offer which give us the advantage of being able to solve our problem. We are currently building a miniature prototype of a tower crane on which we apply sensors, which detect e.g. the current position of the load and implement a feedback control, which controls the transfer and the swinging at the same time.


Image sources: https://image.flaticon.com/icons/png/512/31/31772.png

Team Ship Happens

Vessels. Complexity. Overflow of information. A scenario that team SHIP HAPPENS is aiming to solve and simplify. With the support of our sponsor, ABB, we’re a multicultural and multidisciplinary “crew” currently developing an integrated system that helps and improves communication onboard a vessel. To communicate between several rooms, offshore and onshore, according to different necessities, we are utilizing the existing equipment, such as control panels and walkie-talkies, upgrading and complementing these with several concepts and functionalities to answer some vital questions: who’s in command,  how to take and give command. We have determined some complementary concepts such as the smart watch, the e-textiles, the earbud and the tracking system to fill existing gaps and flaws of the current communication. Our main goal is to create not only one single product, but to ally them and to establish a complete, functional and safe system that we can easily apply in a real-life situation. We still live by our motto – You don’t search for information; the information searches you!

Team Kuusi

Back pain? Neck pain? Feeling tired after too much sitting? What if sitting could be turned into beneficial activity without compromising the need of comfort?


The average office worker spends approximately 10 hours sitting each day. Besides the severe health issues like back or neck pain, this excessive sitting causes muscle degeneration and heart disease. People need to move much more in order to minimize those risks. With Duoli, we want to promote healthier sitting. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the necessity to be poised and comfortably seated for special kind of tasks.


In order to solve this tricky problem, we are working on a chair that could offer a cozy seat for tasks that require it, while inciting the customer to get a healthier attitude the remaining time. This chair is dedicated to all kinds of office worker including people such as doctors, mechanics and research scientists.

The Box

The number of connected devices in cities have been growing over the years and therefore the signal capacity must increase as well. For that, there are small cell radios deployed in the cities that are meant to improve both network capacity and coverage. However, the radios are not always that pleasant to look at. With that said, our challenge, given by NOKIA, is to make a cover to camouflage the small cell radio, with the possibility of adding smart features to it, making them appealing to service providers, cities and citizens.

So far, we have gone through several team brainstorming sessions and ended up with three essential concepts: a cylinder, a customizable box and an independent pole. Having three concepts that differ so much in terms of size and design gives us the opportunity to explore more and to think outside the box… literally!

Nevertheless, these three concepts all have something in common, they all can be upgraded and have smart features added to them. When it comes to the cylinder and the box, they can also be mounted in different structures or surfaces, for instance, walls, poles or bus stops.
We want to keep our focus on modularity and on sleek design.
Our next step will be prototyping and testing. Stay tuned for more updates!

Team Puzzles

Cancer patient treatment planning has made progress in recent years, and one reason for these advancements has been the increasing adoption of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for radio therapy purposes.

We are working alongside Philips’ MRRT (Magnetic Resonance for Radio Therapy) R&D unit to improve the overall viability of the technology as a legitimate addition to cancer treatment planning and tracking. Our comprehensive approach involves enhancing imaging accuracy and quality by improving (magnetic field amplifying) coil positioning and reducing errors, improving patient and imaging process workflow, and enhancing patient and operator comfort.

Our team consists of seven people, and we are a diverse group operating on two continents with backgrounds ranging from Micro- and Nanotechnology to Occupational Therapy and many others in between.

Team SeeCode

Thanks to the Internet of Things era, online clothing has found its way to spread out the influence to potential customers. However, failing in buying correct size, that leads to high return rates which is approximately up to 50%, is the biggest challenge for this segment to grow. In addition, traditional tailors cannot achieve the same accuracy and time efficiency than 3D body scanner. Thus there is an instant niche to create such a product- solution to solve the inaccuracy and time pressure issue. Moreover, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are developing vastly. For this reason, in the nearest future, people will feel comfortable with analyzing their body, creating their 3D body model and using it for a variety of purposes such as games, clothes simulations, healthcare, security etc.

Our task is to create a tangible 3D Full body scanner physical platform, which combines  ensuring accuracy in body measurement, user interface friendliness is prioritized with potential for quick market penetration.

Team Curiou

Our Goal is to improve reading experience and make it more enjoyable for individuals. We also aim at developing reading habits among users of our upcoming product, the Curiou.

The Curiou is an application in making that has multiple features including, a Personal Digital Library feature that provides a great tool for building a persisting habit around reading by tracking your reading progress and enabling you to have a more pleasurable reading experience with seamless transition between audio books, ebooks, and physical books.

It also has a Social Network feature that notifies you of other Curiou users in your vicinity with similar reading interests and lets you discuss books with real people.

Finally, it has a recommendation feature which lets you browse hot books your role models and friends read or are reading right now.