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ABBdroid (2011-12)

ABB provides access to technology that helps the world minimize energy consumption and CO2 emissions. ABBdroid is dedicated to visualizing the benefits of ABB frequency converter technology. Marketing is at the core of ABBdroid by understanding how the customers make decisions. ABBdroid software is built on the Android platform to be used with modern mobile devices. We create value in helping ABB customers make environmentally friendly and energy efficient decisions. Our goal is to create a marketing tool that boosts ABB sales. We are building bridges between ABB and their customers.

Arc (2011-12)

What is a pole fuse switch disconnector? If you pay attention, you might notice these small but vital boxes near the electric transformers or at the top of the poles next to houses. Pole fuse switch disconnectors are used to protect electric networks from overload and short circuit. It also functions as a section switch and a temporary earthing place.
The objective of the project ARC is to redesign the 160A product for Ensto. The new product will be cheaper, lighter, faster to assemble, and easier to use. It will also have a better visual outlook. Come and see for yourself how we managed to do it.Sponsored by Ensto

Be Careless (2011-12)

Have you ever spent your precious time looking for lost belongings? Be Careless, sponsored by Ericsson, set out to develop a tracking device for locating tagged and lost items. The concept and prototype was developed by 11 students with a wide variety of disciplines and cultural perspectives.

We want to create a new community which allows users to share and promote their personal belong- ings and also create a new kind of value to tagged products. Our universal tags allow you to tag nearly everything and our intuitive user interface is designed to help you organize and track your items effectively.

Sponsored by Ericsson

beyond basil (2011-12)

Beyond basil is developing new and innovative ways of gardening in an urban setting. Wouldn’t it be nice to grow your herbs and vegetables and not worry about watering all the time? Isn’t it difficult to find clean and good looking solutions for growing? Whether you are a gardening begin- ner, or a green thumb who is just lacking the space ,beyond basil has found the solution for you. With a passion for sustainability and the motivation of a global issue, we are excited to make our mark in organic food production!

Sponsored by Biolan

What happened after PdP?

Biolan hired team’s designer Katie Bednarz to design their new Ilo -product line! Check out more: Biolan’s Ilo -line.


CITA (2011-12)

The goal for team CITA (Chair in the Air) is to design an ergonomic, cost efficient and good looking crane operator unit, used in harbours. Having a commonly used truck seat as a centre for our design we are left with designing armrests, chair movements and upper-body-supports attached to the seat.

We are trying to improve the comfort of the driving position, making the chair easier to adjust than in current designs and creating better ways for operators to find and utilize all the features that improve their working quality. Successful realization of the task will lead to the manufacturing process starting already within year 2012.

Sponsored by Ruukki

imagein (2011-12)

Approximately 75% of the Energy in the world is being consumed by the cities. A large portion of that energy 
is consumed by the buildings alone. With ever growing increase of electricity demand, focus has been shifted 
to clean and efficient energy solutions.

Project Imagein’s objective is to develop a User Interface which empowers Utility Manager of a building in reducing the energy consumption by providing them right information backed up by Energy Efficient Automation Solutions. This system connects to HVAC, Lighting, EV Charging Station and Photo-Voltaic Inverter and reduces Energy Consumption.

Sponsored by GE

incLEDible (2011-12)

LED-technology is developing fast and providing new efficient ways to light up industrial spaces. incLEDible has developed a whole life cycle lighting concept for industrial premises. The concept includes the phases of planning, maintenance and recycling of the incLEDible lighting system.

LED technology ensures good quality of light, long life time, energy efficiency and durability. This leads to clear savings in lighting costs and low maintenance needs. The team is now proudly presenting a prototype of an industrial high-bay luminaire that is durable, easy to install and keep clean. Come and test it yourself!

Sponsored by Greenlux and Outotec

Innovator (2011-12)

The objective of Innovator project team is to use a touch screens to create a pleasant experience to the passengers in an elevator. An elevator ride can last from 10 to 60 seconds and usually the time is spent in silence. We have noticed that even simple (yet meaningful) factors can improve this experience. There are currently no innovative touch screen solutions that provide a better customer experience during the elevator ride.

Our team was brought together to enhance the “people flow” experience and create a solution for the millions of people in the world who ride elevators every day.

Sponsored by KONE

Labrary (2011-12)

Labrary is a showroom specially designed for libraries that lets visitors explore new innovations. Entrepreneurs and inventors can use Labrary to get their ideas evaluated. A tailor made feedback system permits visitors to interact with and leave their opinions and comments about the innovations.

The main goal of the project is to help small inventors and entrepreneurs develop their products and thus give the Finnish industry and market new prospects. Labrary is a part of Huomisen Arki project and will be displayed in the Helsinki City Libraries during 2012. Labrary: a place where technology and people meet.

Sponsored by Helsinki City Library

See where did the project lead: Labrary as part of kokeilupiste.

Nimble (2011-12)

Nimble’s objective was to find a solution to a problem “how to move intermodal containers from train to truck and vice versa under overhead lines of railroads”. Currently used lifting solutions are unable to do this because the space between the container and the overhead lines is too tight for big machines. Therefore containers must be lifted at big ports and rail yards far away from containers’ destination.

Nimble has developed a solution for this lifting operation by designing a totally new crane. Our nimble invention enables to move containers easily and effectively. You will be astonished!

Sponsored by Konecranes

Safety Wizard (2011-12)

The project Safety Wizard aims to produce a package that improves general travel security and air travel comfort. The package will include high quality items and the buyer of the package will have access to certain services as well.

The team, consisting of 9 members with different backgrounds, has worked hard to provide this package. If you are traveling a lot and have not felt very secure while traveling to some exotic country, or if you are just interested what we have to offer, come to see our remedy for travel insecurity at the Gala!

Sponsored by Wiicotec

Team Unicef (2011-12)

How to improve WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) in schools in Uganda? How to provide a sustainable solution for East Africa? The subject is big and scattered but the solution must be simple and scalable.

The answer is not a single product but a whole system to make the difference, improving people’s life quality. In this cooperative work between three Universities we are trying to find an African solution for an African problem. We are focusing in hand- washing, water transportation and education. The task is not easy but we have taken the challenge!

Sponsored by Unicef

What happend after PdP?

The project outcome, Elephant Tap, was the student runner up in Core77 2013 Design Awards within Social Impact category.

The project manager, Irena Bakic, was awarded Women and Technology Price for 2012.



XWOS (2011-2012)

Weather is a common topic in everyday life, but sometimes it becomes vital information. For instance, when looking for people after a tsunami or flooding. When taking counter measurements after an incident in a nuclear plant. Water management systems, events and defense operations need as well accurate and localized weather information.

XWOS is a project to develop a product concept for a compact, autonomous and portable weather station. The team has focused on aspects like state of the arts in usability, transportability and extreme operating conditions, to deliver a new cutting edge product to the market.

Sponsored by Vaisala