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Arcticum (2012-13)

You know what it means to dress for success, and you make an effort to look fresh and polished. Why do any different with your phone and tablet?

Team Arcticum is developing a streamlined, touch free microfiber wipe dispenser filled with NordicHug’s natural based formula, so that you’ll have exactly what you need to keep your touch screens germ-free, smudge-free and all-around fresh.  With no harsh chemicals to damage the protective coating on touch screens, it’s the only formula that’s completely safe for you and your gadgets. So look fresh, and keep your touch screens fresh, too!

Sponsored by NordicHug

What happened after PdP?

The project was introduced to Medvedev (Prime Minister of Russia) as well as to Jyrki Katainen (Prime Minister of Finland) already in fall 2012. Here is the story from Aalto University website.

In august 2013 the small start up, that sponsored team Arcticum, joined forces with Rovio and now their products can be found also with Angry Bird flavor!

BrainAim (2012-13)

BrainAim’s goal is to help doctors do their work – cure people. We do this with Nexstim, a discoverer of a revolutionary magnetic brain therapy and scanning system that creates a multi-dimensional view from inside of the head. Yesterday’s heavy hand held system had to be turned to a light, user-friendly and feasible one. With a daredevil wish of anti-gravity-device our multinational BrainAim brought “tomorrow” here: our assisted coil holder will remove the stress that operator’s hand feels while allowing enough freedom of maneuverability. As a humble result we may state: doctors in this world can cure people better now.

Sponsored by Nexstim

Break down Bio (2012-13)

Break Down Bio is developing large scale composting systems for communities and developing countries. Waste is a growing issue and large scale composting systems could dramatically impact developing countries and global sustainability.

The team is focusing on finding a composting product and educational system for schools in Finland.  The final outcome should be simple, easy to use and fit with a system designed to educate children on composting and the environment.

Break Down Bio is an international and multi-disciplinary team, with a wide range of disciplines and skills. The team is motivated and committed to finding an innovative, sustainable and economic solution that will encourage composting and sustainable living in communities and developing countries.

The project is sponsored by Biolan.

Cool Patient (2012-13)

The Philips Sonalleve uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to surgically remove tissue inside the body through the intact skin. This noninvasive procedure, referred to as thermal ablation, is monitored with realtime MR imaging. During treatment residual heat occurs on the patient’s skin which necessitates extended pauses between sonications. This additional time can make the procedure costly and uncomfortable for the patient.

The Cool Patient project aims to decrease the duration of the procedure while maintaining or increasing patient comfort. The project seeks to accomplish this through the development of a cooling interface between the patient and the HIFU device which will decrease the time needed between sonications.

Sponsored by Philips

Helsinki on Tires (2012-13)

Hey, why don’t you cycle?
Is your bike in a bad condition, should it just be washed or don’t you know any nice routes in Helsinki?
Helsinki on Tires’ objective is to make people cycle more in Helsinki. Whether you are facing problems such as the difficulty of washing your bike in a city apartment or the lack of know-how to change your brake pads, we are determined to remove these obstacles between you and cycling!
The Pyöräkeskus in Kamppi has been the inspiration for our project and throughout extensive research we have solved different problems, making it easier for you to take out your bike and ride it!
Sponsored by City of Helsinki
What happened after PdP?
One of the team members was hired to continue the project during summer 2013 and the project was introduced to President Sauli Niinistö during his visit to Design Factory.
The final report can be found from Lähiöprojekti-website.

InPoint (2012-13)

Do you wonder what is the next big thing in information technology?

Indoor positioning technologies are on their way to conquer the world. Project InPoint  has insight in technology, concepts and business models of indoor positioning. We are working together with Ericsson on understanding how indoor positioning can provide revenues for different stakeholders. Not only we can show you concepts of new and futuristic services, but we are also excited to show you what kind of technology we have developed!

Sponsored by Ericsson

Konect (2012-13)

Team Konect strives to discover new, innovative and effective ways to enhance KONE corporation’s People Flow® inside a building with the aid of Microsoft Kinect. People Flow®  is  KONE corporation’s concept meaning people moving smoothly, safely, comfortably, and without waiting in and between buildings.  Microsoft Kinect is motion sensing input device for the Xbox game console and PC.

Our team will come out with innovative prototype of elevator which is controlled by Kinect device to show the possible improvements for People Flow®.  Our team consists 11 individuals with backgrounds in engineering, design and business and will to achieve the best People Flow® experience.

Sponsored by Kone

Liberouter (2012-13)

The goal of project Liberouter has been giving delay tolerant messaging a practical application.
In practice this means, that people can leave messages with a smartphone to battery operated mobile router devices, and other people can then later on retrieve these messages. The routers are not connected to the internet, and will form their own network in a sense. This means that you can send and receive messages even if the usual communications networks are down.
The theme of the project started out with anti censorship kind of scenario, but we have also looked into other possibilities like humanitarian aid.
Sponsored by Comnet.

Morethaneye (2012-13)

Konecranes is a world leading manufacturer in fork lift trucks, reach stackers and empty container handlers. Problem on the operating area, for example harbors and warehouses, is that accidents are faced too often.

Team Morethaneye is developing two products which are improving the safety of the pedestrians and other surrounding vehicles. First product Projector Glass is giving intelligent AR information for the operators observation. Second product Chameleon is built for giving information for the people outside the operating truck. This product notifies about trucks behavior by signal lights and lasers projected to the ground.

Sponsored by Konecranes

NetMedi (2012-13)

At NetMedi, we aspire to improve communication and information flow in healthcare by combining the most advanced technologies with the close involvement of doctors, nurses and patients in our product development process. As we appreciate that continuity is vital to the success of long term treatment, we provide compassion-driven and secure communication both within hospitals and outside them.

Our first product Kaiku has been developed during the PdP-course and it has been already implemented at Cancer Center Docrates – one of Europe’s leading cancer hospitals.

Find out how the project is doing today from NetMedi -website!

On the Ply (2012-13)

Team On the Ply was formed to develop a functional floor prototype based on plastic coated plywood. The team has been ideating, investigating and developing new ways to exploit the possibilities of the material combination. Through the journey the final concept is forming its shape.

According to the studies, approximately 28 – 42 % of old people aged 65 and over fall each year. The average health system cost per fall injury in Finland is thousands of euros. Furthermore, the number of old people is predicted to increase significantly. Even a slight improvement would make a huge difference. Can we turn fractures into bruises by developing a safer floor? That is our challenge.

Sponsored by MetsäWood

OxiCal (2012-13)

Pulse oximetry is the standard for continuous and non-invasive patient monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate in a clinical setting. Currently, pulse oximeter calibration is conducted by inducing hypoxemia in healthy human volunteers. This method of calibration is expensive and time consuming for manufacturers, and uncomfortable for human volunteers.

Oxical has developed an artificial finger to improve the calibration process and accuracy, making the use of human volunteers a thing of the past. Our approach enables accurate light attenuation simulation of various conditions of age and health. Ever wonder what is your oxygen saturation (SpO2) level? Come to OxiCal and measure your SpO2!

Sponsored by GE

PLAYRAY (2012-13)

RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, is an organization whose main purpose is to raise funds through gaming operations to promote Finnish health and welfare. RAY’s gaming operations are based on offering entertaining and exciting games and services in a responsible manner.

PLAYRAY project aims at targeting new customers and get especially the young adults interested in RAY’s games. PLAYRAY’s purpose is to create multichannel gaming concept for everyday life. We want to understand how, where and why people play games and how we could, in a sustainable and ethical manner, get more people interested in gaming and supporting Finnish welfare.

Rufus (2012-13)

Have you ever thought why your running method is not working? Training results are not the way you expected them to be? Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer? Rufus is here to present the next generation personal trainer that solves (all, maybe promising too much??) your problems.

Our product’s main purpose is to guide the runner to run at the correct pace and to decrease the amount of running related injuries. In addition, it functions as a personal trainer by instructing and motivating the runner to run faster or slower to fit a varied training program.  Running Upgrades your Fantastic body in to better Shape.

Sponsored by Locomotec

Seamless (2012-13)

Cable connectors are an essential part of any power network. They are used in cable repair and in cable joining. Ensto makes cable connectors for several voltage levels and cable sizes, ranging from 4mm2 to 630mm2. Their present solution uses two screws to apply the necessary force to hold the two cable ends in place.

Our challenge is to design a screwless solution that is also cost effective, easy to use, does not require special tools and is also green. Several considerations go into the design such as mechanical strength, surface smoothness, electrical conductivity and installation conditions, to name a few

Sponsored by Ensto

Team Sako (2012-13)

We are the team that worked on development of the first safety system integrated into the rifle. Who we are? Ten bright innovators from Helsinki Aalto, Stockholm KTH and NY PACE. What have we done? Is it an ultimatum to the whole gun industry or just a new perspective for hunting culture and safety regulations? In any case, we brought a new spice to the traditional gun kitchen. Check more at PDP GALA 2013.

Sponsored by Sako


WinBarrier (2012-13)

Workers in paper mills have been bothered by noise problem everyday. WinBarrier is a project initialled by Metso to develop a noise reduction fence for winder section, which is located at the dry end of paper machine, to reduce the noise level and provide safety protection for a better working environment. The easy-assembling noise barrier will providing significant noise reduction of 10-20dB.

Come and check out products at the PDP Gala. We will do the magic, and you will enjoy your work more then ever.

Sponsored by Metso

Wisionary (2012-13)

Wisionary makes a bold shot at making exploring one’s surroundings fun and intuitive thing to do on a ship command bridge. We bring a never-before-seen product on ship that started out as a reach to discover the world of augmented reality in the ship industry.

Our aim is now to enable current-generation augmented reality apps for the bridge crew to give the future captains and first mates a personal unprecedented view of the world around them with it – no matter where they go. Together with this enhanced situational awareness, the newest Wärtsilä command bridge solutions are more integrated than ever before, offering more exciting features to the true journeymen of the seas.

Who are we? We come from Aalto university and PACE university, in co-operation with our sponsor Wärtsilä.

Sponsored by Wärtsilä

Xpoint (2012-13)

Our society is facing challenges due to declining oil resources and climate change caused by carbon emissions. Coreorient is a start-up with a mission to change the way goods are transported.

The objective of Xpoint team is to design a service concept and a storage system for Tavarakimppakyyti service (ridesharing for goods). Tavarakimppakyyti gives people a convenient way of transporting goods with a ridesharing principle – saving time, money and environment. The consumer no longer has to own a car to transport large items; instead they can get them delivered to a convenient and safe storage close to home.

Sponsored by Coreorient

What happened after PdP?

The outcomes of the project were carried to PiggyBaggy -concept!