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Basketh (2013-14)

Field strain measurement of steel structures is an essential part of product development. However, the current methods of strain measurement have problems such as high cost, complex installation procedures and the need for a trained expert in the field. And in some cases such measurements are dangerous, or even impossible, due to environmental conditions.

We have developed a wireless strain measurement device that is cheap, small, easy to use and able to withstand extreme conditions. Let us show that even you (yes, you!) can perform strain measurement with our product.

Sponsored by: FIMA

Final Presentation: Team Basketh 2014


Bed Bug Kill (2013-14)

We Finns go to sauna and enjoy immensely the 80-degree heat revitalizing our body, don’t we?

Guess what: bed bugs don’t. They die once temperature hits 52. Unfortunately, they aren’t much of sauna enthusiasts.

Instead, bed bugs (Cimex lectularis L.) have been growing by the millions into a worldwide problem. Pesticides aren’t working and health risks are rising.

Our independent startup-minded team BED BUG KILL has developed a smart and kill-proof heat technology for the travel industry to kill bed bugs around the world. Check out our story and get to know how to get rid off bed bugs for good!

Join the fight at bedbugkillthejourney.wordpress.com!

Final Presentation: Team Bed Bug Kill 2014

In Media:

Aalto-yliopiston idealinko kehitti luteiden tappajan – Janne Tervola, Tekniikka & Talous 9.5.2014

Hotellien luteet kuolevat heti – Arja Kivipelto, Helsingin Sanomat 11.7.2014


Ghostbusters (2013-14)

The functionality of MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is based on magnetic fields, which aren’t perfectly accurate. This results in a need to make corrections to the images.

MRI devices are calibrated by detecting distortions with physical objects called ‘phantoms’. To detect distortions the measurement data are compared against the known dimensions of the phantom. The image can then be corrected by running a computer algorithm.

Our phantom is a 3D-printed grid of tubes that provides an accurate benchmark for the calibration of the MRI scanner. The design is very lightweight, to maximize usability. Our solution includes a concept for visualizing and analyzing the measurement data, which provides the MRI user a quick and easy way of seeing where the MRI is accurate.

Sponsored by: Philips

Final Presentation: Team Ghostbusters 2014


Loupe (2013-14)

An elevator is an essential tool in our daily lives that we fail to notice until they do not work as desired. The most common reason behind the elevator failures is the lack of maintenance, especially concerning the lubrication of the elevator ropes.
To solve this problem, Loupe has designed a solution to measure the level of lubrication in the ropes. By using optics, the lubrication level can be automatically, regularly and remotely monitored.
An evaluation of the current state of lubrication and maintenance need is provided to the service operator in a timely manner.

This means better and safer elevators, while lowering time and cost spent on maintenance.

Sponsored by: KONE

Final Presentation: Team Loupe 2014

Plink (2013-14)

Remember wandering around a new city, staring desperately at your smart phone screen trying to find the right street corner? Wouldn’t it be cool if your feet just somehow knew where to go and which way to turn?

Tasked by Nokia our team Plink has created a smart shoe concept to bring interactive mobile sensing closer to your skin. No more staring at your phone and getting lost! These shoes will guide you to your destination by haptic feedback, and you will actually see what is happening around you.

You will live in the moment, just LOOK UP!

Sponsored by: Nokia

Final Presentation: Team Plink 2014

Product Introduction: Buzz way 2014

In Media:

Aalto-yliopiston opiskelija Karri Kurunmäki esittelee Buzz Way -älykengän. -Pirkko Tammilehto, Kauppalehti 16.5.2014

Rausku (2013-14)

Have you ever been bored while waiting for a friend at a restaurant? Or would you perhaps like to spend a train trip playing your favorite games? We might have a solution for you.
Rausku is designing a new social gaming environment for public locations. Our team has taken under the challenge set by our sponsor RAY to engage the customer. We have come up with a novel solution that brings the entertainment closer to the customer while providing added value in form of convenience and services. Visit our website to learn more on how our engineering heavy team has tackled the problem.
Sponsored by: RAY

Final Presentation: Team Rausku 2014

Rüm (2013-14)

Rüm combines design and engineering to deliver a human centred solution to temporary accommodation for Kapseli OY. Rüm is designed for airports, transit centres, construction and mining sites.

Be welcomed into a community of Rüm users who relax, connect, play and continue on their journey. Feel safe knowing your nap time goes on uninterrupted. Via our app, see if old friends have checked-in, make new friends or explore your surroundings. Plug in your devices and continue working, or reconnect with family and friends from the privacy of your own customizable space.

Sponsored by: Kapseli Oy

Final Presentation: Team Rüm 2014

In Media:

Kapselihotelli jo tänä vuonna Helsinkiin? – Sofia Virtanen, Tekniikka & Talous 27.6.2014

Tältä se näyttää – kapselihotelli Suomeen jo 2014? -Teppo Ovaskainen, Uusi Suomi 28.6.2014

Kapsel eller container är framtidens hotell -Nina Weckström, Hufvudstadsbladet 28.6.2014

Aalto-yliopiston opiskelijat ovat suunnitelleet kapselihotellin yhdessä yrityksen kanssa -Mtv3 10 o’clock news at 17.7.2014 



SingleShot (2013-14)

Do you hardly associate yourself in a scenario of going hunting? We believe that hunting could be explained in an ethical way: being responsible for what you eat with a light environmental footprint. At Team SingleShot we aim at appealing traditional hunting to a wider audience, both old and new generations, as a modern and exciting recreational activity.

Our ergonomics-centric rifle model comes with an exciting attachment mechanism, while providing the tech-savvy guy in you with all the necessary data for your hunting and what’s more, the bullet speed fresh from our bullet speed measuring system. All available on your Android device.

Sponsored by: Sako

Final Presentation:

Team Genano (2013-14)

Genano is a Finnish air purifier manufacturing company whose purifying systems are used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, schools and other public spaces where indoor quality may cause a health risk. Our team’s task is to improve Genano’s best-selling product line in a way that they are more pleasant for customers to use.
The project started with customer and market research. Based on the results we decided to improve the user interference, reduce produced sound level and extend the required service time. In PDP Gala, after many iteration cycles in concept- and prototyping-phase, we will present a fully functional prototype with that is ready for mass production.

Sponsored by: Genano

Final Presentation: Team Genano 2014


Team Norpe (2013-14)

The future brings new trends to the grocery market, trends where convenience stores are becoming more popular than megastores. We are more concerned about what we eat and we want to know more about the products we use, but at the same time our lives are busier than ever before and personnel and premises costs are at an all high.

Team Norpe is focusing on improving the serve over counter shopping experience in convenience stores by developing solutions that speeds up the service, provides easier access to product information and a counter design that meets the smaller stores’ space requirements efficiently.

Sponsored by: Norpe

Final Presentation: Team Norpe 2014

Team That Loves People (2013-14)

If you were building a new apartment how would make sure your ideas and needs are understood by the architect?

The staff of the Helsinki Children’s Hospital were struggling with a very similar problem. They had a lot of thoughts on how the New Children’s Hospital should be like but they didn’t know how to communicate their ideas.

We created a tool which aims to bridge the communication gap between the users and the architects. The tool enables the hospital staff to present their ideas through a physical modelling process. By working together, a better hospital experience is now within reach

Team That Loves People worked together with HUS on the development of the New Children Hospital that is going to be built to Helsinki in 2017. (http://uusilastensairaala2017.fi)

Final Presentation: Team That Loves People 2014

In media:

Students assist in hospital planning   Nina Erho, News, Web.aalto.fi

Team Vaisala (2013-14)

Vaisala, the worldwide leader in sensor technology and environmental measurement devices is looking to disrupt the market by updating their groundbreaking handheld industrial measuring device. This MI-70 is Vaisala’s high-end measurement device, capable of measuring moisture in oil, humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide and pressure in different industrial settings while offering great mobility.

Our team has integrated state of the art technology while completely redesigning the physical characteristics as well as the user interface of the existing device. New value has been added while maintaing the simplicity and ease of use that has attracted so many customers over the years.

Sponsored by: Vaisala

Final Presentation: Team Vaisala 2014


Team Wärtsilä (2013-14)

Nowadays, field service engineers have a range of responsibilities from preparations, on-site supervision and maintenance to submitting the final report of the performed task.

Our project focuses on making the job of these field engineers easier by introducing on-site guidance, supervision and automatically generated report, through a wearable screen, which replaces the old fashioned manuals. Integrated noise cancellation headphones are used for better on-site communication within the team, and voice-to-text conversion for adding comments to the report. The gadget also records measurements, takes photos and stores notes to the automatically created report, which saves time and guarantees that information isn’t lost.

Sponsored by: Wärtsilä

Final Presentation: Team Wärtsilä 2014

Thrust in Nature (2013-14)

Present-day ships consume as much energy on an average trip as many cities in an entire day! The propulsion system of a ship accounts for an immense chunk of that fuel consumption.

Team Thrust In Nature’s challenge was to make huge energy savings in ships a reality, which can reduce travel costs by a significant amount. A nature-inspired ship propulsion system has been developed, inspired by the wave-like movement of a dolphin tail. This system is designed to be the next giant leap in propulsion technology for ABB Marine.

Sponsored by: ABB Marine.

Final Presentation: Thrust in Nature 2014