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AT Skate (2014-2015)

We are working on electric offroad skateboard. We hope to get moving soon and wish that nobody gets hurt! #gottagofast #carbonfiber #5horsepower

BUOYCAST (2014-2015)

We are a team working together with Comnet to create a buoyant, low-cost variant for surface-to-surface communication on the water using messaging bottles.

Contact us:
+358 44 917 8667

Conn Artists (2014-15)

Modern ships, like cruise vessels or icebreakers, utilize azimuth thrusters instead of traditional, fixed propellers with a rudder. Electric podded propulsion systems, such as the AziPod, have an electric motor built in and can rotate freely under the vessel.

Whilst this enables flexible and precise manoeuvring, it’s more complex to control this kind of a system – there might be multiple propulsion pods on board, each individually controlled. Captains also have a large amount of information on the bridge to deal with.

We are redesigning the experience of piloting a ship in other to make the controls more human intuitive and meaningful information easy to access. This contributes to a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly future of seafare.

Sponsored by: ABB

Driven11 (2014-15)

We are an international team working on Wärtsilä project. Our goal is to help Wärtsilä to improve their process of building power plants with Augmented Reality by creating a concept and developing a prototype to prove it.

Now we have finished great research work on site and do believe we will come out with some excellent results!

Sponsored by: Wärtsilä


Inspiroivaa yhteistyötä -Aalto University Magazine 05.05.2015 Page 25 

Duckter (2014-15)

Project focused on improving the current training methods of duck hunters. Objectives are enhancing the experience of training by decreasing its cost and allowing hunters to carry out their training sessions within the city rather than in remote shooting ranges. Remote-sensing technologies as well as image processing and movement tracking solutions are strongly involved in this product development project.

Sponsored by: Aalto University ACE


Everywear (2014-15)

Nowadays the mobile workforce has become a growing industry trend. People commute between different working locations, which can change several times per month. This creates difficulties in managing the workwear.

That is why Lindström has asked us to develop a new service concept to meet the requirements of mobile customers. The key to success is to define our customer and to understand their needs. After that our task is to come up with an economically profitable solution. Our team is focusing on a clearly defined customer segment and how the service should work for them.

Follow the team at: everywear.pdp.fi

Sponsored by: Lindström



Team GE (2014-15)

The project aims to develop accessories for charging and storing of wireless sensors inside a hospital and to determine the workflow of the sensors and their batteries. We will concentrate to hospital’s intensive care unit and its interfaces to other units. As final result we will have both local and centralized solution on how to charge and store the sensors and a visualization of the workflow; how the wireless sensors will transfer with the patient around the hospital and how the sensors and batteries are maintained when they are not in use.

Sponsored by: GE

Ideators (2014-15)

Stalatube believes that stainless steel has various unidentified market opportunities that could be discovered by using creative approaches.

Ideators PDP team responds to this given challenge and explores innovative lattice solutions, which utilizes stainless steel and it’s advantages of being cost-effective, environmental friendly and visually attractive material. For solving the challenge, project team has gathered 9 talents together, who represent 4 nationalities and diverse areas of expertise from fields of Business, Design and Engineering.

Sponsored by: Stalatube

Into The Box (2014-15)

Team “Into The Box” is working with Valmet to safely and effectively move heavy and large machining rolls into standard shipping containers instead of open top containers they currently use, for safe transport all over the world. Rolls inside containers can weigh 20tons, as long as 7.5metres and 1.8metres in diameter.

The team consists of eight engineers and one industrial designer; we come from Finland, Estonia, Ukraine and Australia. Using our skills we will move a large 10ton roll inside a container that is stationed at Aalto Design Factory.

Sponsored by: Valmet


KIDE (2014-15)


We are busier than ever. Due to this, demand for convenience food is on the rise and now is the time to respond to this demand. Team KIDE designed and built a prototype of the next generation plug-in cabinet for convenient retailing of refrigerated food products.

We want to offer a base for the creation of a wider convenience concept for a variety of food retailing solutions. We offer convenience in every part of the chain, starting from the store owners to machine operator and maintenance worker, all the way to the end customer, you.

Sponsored by: Norpe

Konstructor (2014-15)

Constructing tall buildings is extremely challenging – need of transporting materials, equipment and workers is enormous and vertical distances are very long. As a building gets higher, problems related to people and material flow tend to multiply.  Thus, efficient ways to transport assets vertically on construction sites are becoming increasingly important in our rapidly urbanizing world.

KONE already offers unique solutions for vertical transportation on construction sites, but there is a strong consensus that more could be done – this is where we come in.

Sponsored by: KONE


Kryptonite (2014-2015)

What’s the first impression you get when you go to an exhibition? Are paintings and other displayed artifacts giving you the details you desire? Togapix provides you the Technology which has limitless potential to enhance the experience while connecting with Art.

Our goal is to improve the customer experience by developing an application which integrates the digital world to the physical world with NFC-Technology. We want to provide an easier access to information regarding Galleries, Museums, Exhibitions and the Artwork itself. We are interdiciplinary team with passion for art, and committed to our cause.

m_cubed (2014-15)

Ample storage is more crucial now than ever before for contemporary living, particularly in the modern city where the relentless pace of urbanisation has pushed planning and design. We creating a unique and novel way to bring more space to high rise buildings. The challenge revolves around moving stored goods to the user without them having to physically move. From a place they can’t see it, but can access almost immediately with an automated vertical transport system. The route and fashion in which it reaches the user is the whole project. We are providing fresh insight and “out of the box” thinking for a creative and considered solution. Developing this system and technology for Konecranes gives them new scope in the marketplace, building their clientele and breaking new grounds.

Sponsored by: Konecranes

Team Satisflying (2014-2015)

We are team Satisflying. We are working to improve hand luggage management on short haul flights.

The project is very challenging because the airplane is a very limited, technical, highly developed and controlled space. Any small changes affect the system as a whole and for this reason the environment is somewhat static. To counter this we are also looking out of the box and seeking answers beyond redesigning existing solutions.

We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary team based in Aalto and KTH Stockholm and starting late February also Shanghai.

Follow us: http://satisflying.pdp.fi

Sharium (2014-15)

In our project, Car Sharing and Premium are taken on a blind date. These two are coming from very different backgrounds, and so they have never bumped into each other before. Many may even think what’s the point ¬– these two have hardly nothing in common.

We see the potential. Our goal is to find the right ways to bring these too together & turn Sharium into a match made in heaven. Our focus is on the car: what special solutions are needed on the hardware of the premium car sharing automobile?

12 enthusiastic product developers. 6 nationalities, 4 continents. Design, Business & Engineering.

Sponsored by: Audi


Supear (2014-15)

“My Smart Energy” project aims to provide Fortum with a new offering for maintaining its existing customers in the long-term. The objective is to enable Fortum to offer additional value particularly to those electricity users who live in apartments.

Sponsored by: Fortum.

teaMetro (2014-15)

The new Aalto University Metro station will be the gateway to the Espoo Innovation Garden. The Espoo Innovation Garden is an initiative from the city of Espoo combining Science, Art and the Economy. The project’s objective is to create an unforgettable experience for the Metro user. More specifically, an experience for the Aalto station user.

There are 11 team members from 8 nationalities, and 4 different continents. We all bring different and wonderful talents to the team. We are motivated; we all want to be involved and we want to get started and make something we are proud of. We are excited about the open ended design challenge and getting our hands dirty! And most importantly we want to make a positive impact on the world, starting with this project.

Sponsored by: City of Espoo

Walulululu (2014-15)

Poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) conditions hinder the potential of many school children in Sub-Saharan Africa. This happens even though, for example, the access to clear water is a human right. The issue is big, but it calls for a solution that is simple, locally implementable and yet globally scalable. This is the challenge our team is set to take on.

Our methods rely strongly on the end users – Ugandan primary school students – as we need their help in both understanding and solving the issues at hand. We are looking for an African solution for an African challenge.

We’re altogether 30 students from three universities and four continents. We work in 3 teams: one from the PDP course and two from the IDBM master’s programme. Read more about our adventures at wash14.pdp.fi!

Apwoyo matek!

Sponsored by: Unicef

Yonder (2014-15)

Yonder is an adventurous product development project. We’re a group of explorers with tons of adventure spirit, as well as diverse skills in design, engineering and business.

Our mission is to lower the barrier between man and nature. As most of us spend the majority of our time in hectic urban environments, there’s a growing need to be more in touch with nature. We believe everyone should have an easy access to the outdoors – to balance our busy lives in the city by having awesome adventures in the wild.

Our base camps are at the Aalto Design Factory in Helsinki and KTH in Stockholm.

Follow our journey at: