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Team Maelstrom

Maelstrom is a very powerful water motion and similarly our team is focused on changing the way people see the whirlpool, the equipment that we were challenged to revolutionize. We are now working on a trolley bag inspired product that will serve for both superior and inferior limbs and will reduce the water used up to 60%.
This physiotherapy treatment is helping thousands of patients improving
their quality of life and now we are glad to be a part of it!

Team Aerem

Air quality is a key factor for healthy and effective living and working environments. Air pollution is becoming a growing concern worldwide. Team Aerem and Climecon have created a new way to provide pure air where requirements are most demanding and challenging. Combining Climecon’s expertise in air distribution systems, chemical air filtration and purification technology, with a sustainable minded, modular design, even retrofittable, now every indoors space can enjoy the best quality air possible, regardless of how bad the air outside is, while reducing the energy bill!

Team Winemill

Do you enjoy wine? Do you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice some of the better things in life? We have developed a revolutionary product, which lets you discover your favorite wine in completely new ways. Winemill allows you to reduce the alcohol and calories of wine to fit your preference, while keeping the original flavor intact. You can then serve the freshly milled wine at the right temperature, prepared just the way you like it.

Team Lifters

Elevator car doors have operated according to the exact same principle for more than 100 years. While we found that there is a very good reason for this, recent developments in material- and magnetism science have opened up opportunities for team Lifters to completely reinvent the modern elevator car door. Not only does our solution drastically drop the weight of the system but also requires a smaller elevator shaft, allowing for the re-utilisation of hundreds of square meters of floor space in high-rise buildings of the future.

Team FinStria

Media consumption is on the threshold. Therefore, conservative business is losing profitability. To find a feasible approach on these issues we at FinStria picked up also another megatrend: people move from one place to another in growing extent.
Students from two universities located in Finland and Austria combined their power and formed the FinStria team, which provides solutions for improving the interest of foreigners to consume local media. Although the project is done for Styria, an Austrian news company, the digitalized world gives us an opportunity to fulfill our goals without the constraints of boarders.


Our project is unique since we have 2 sponsors instead of one. Our team is working with Fortum and Aalto Campus and Real Estate to make energy issues more fun and raise the awareness about them. Ultimately the aim is to interact with the end users to help reduce energy consumption for ACREs and support Fortum as the energy supplier of future. The project is very user centered so we started with finding out what are the needs and wants of the users and gain insights about the possible solutions. Now we are starting to test our quick prototypes at the Design Factory to verify our assumptions.

Team Limitless

Where would you use a transparent display? We see transparent surfaces all around us, and we live in an information driven world. How about combining these two into a great concept. This is our project. Lumineq has excellent displays, but too few applications. Our task is to find unique and novel uses for their displays.


Our team consists excited members from Finland, Russia, Chile and Austria. From different fields of engineering to industrial design, we got it all!


Hit us with a question or suggestions at: simo.lahdenne@aalto.fi

Team Konecranes 3D

3D printing has been changing the world during past years and has transformed the manufacturing process from imagination to reality.


Our team has been working to design a prototype, which would completely revolutionize the entire construction industry replacing the technology that has being used since Jesus was born. Concrete 3D printing is a new way of manufacturing the concrete elements with high quality and quantity. Furthermore, our primary objective is to integrate concrete printing technology with the smart crane technology.

If you have any question please feel free to contact with email  eetu.veikkanen@aalto.fi


People’s lifestyles have changed remarkably over the last two decades with the emergence of new ways of entertainment available in various formats. For the casino industry, the challenge has been to keep up with people’s changing lifestyle, meeting their new gusto for high technology solutions, and creating new ways of engaging users.

This is why Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY) has contacted us to design a new game concept for their brand new Feel Vegas arcade chain. The task is to create a game concept that combines gaming with entertainment and social life in an urban setting.

Team Vaisala

As the world is getting more and more connected, everything is measured and monitored. Our focus at Team Vaisala is in calibration of relative humidity sensors that are used in multitude of life science fields, bringing us the most accurate weather forecasts, accuracy in different industrial processes, and providing us the best and safest indoor air to breath.
To maintain data quality, relative humidity sensors require frequent, laborious, and complex calibration. This has long been a considerable problem and a bottleneck for many who have a need to gather humidity information. Together with Vaisala we are on a mission to change that by creating a calibrator that is effortless to use and available for everyone!

Team Awesome

Our task is to design the future workspace for officeworkers. The goal is to improve communication, work efficiency and well-being in the office. As the metropolian areas grow in population density, the cost of space also has to be taken into account. Utilizing space more effienctly is environmentally firendly and designing modular solutions can be used again in a different location.

Red-Headed League


We are the red-headed league and our project is to improve Philips worksite by making the R&D facilities more functional and the showrooms more presentational.

We are a team with a multitude of skills (e.g. 3D modelling, mechanical and chemical engineering, programming, industrial design…) and the vast array of skills might be explained by our motto:

“If we don’t know it, we will learn it”

One talent we share is to find reasons to socialize, so don’t be afraid to come and talk to us!


Hi, we are LeadEng. Our team has six Finnish and three Portuguese people, but distance isn’t a problem. We are sponsored by LeeLuu, a Helsinki based start-up that is aiming to revolutionize textile industry forever. Our project gravitates around their innovative and groundbreaking technology – smart fabrics. LeeLuu’s smart fabric is able to sense both touch and pressure, while having the appearance of completely ordinary textile. This is where we come in. We are going to take their smart fabric technology, and use it to bring our product alive. Make it pleasant to touch and warm to hold. Touch interface has never been so subtle. Welcome to better future.


Imagine how would you transport your entire house from a neighborhood to another … but instead, we are talking about 6 cargo containers tied together. This is the challenge for Team De.RInno, an internationally minded group, formed by 6 nationalities that focus on what is thought to be impossible. Our name stands for Design, Research and Innovation and they form the tripod of our future solution, a moving process that is affordable, reliable, and environmentally safe.


In commercial kitchens, grease fires are the most dangerous and difficult to extinguish. Deep fat fryers contain liters of grease that can works as a fuel for the fire. Therefore, high-standard protection and extinguishing solutions are required. Among fire extinguishing technologies in the market, the water mist is a leading solution, putting down the fire with a limited amount of harmless water without creating a mess in the kitchen. Our Team Firedown aims to develop an easy to use fryer protection product for commercial kitchen using the this great technology. One importance goal in our project is to find the proper market and customers, which provide the base of our product design and further marketing plan.

Team Everest

Team Everest is a multinational team, working with Airbus on improving the in-flight waste management. A common practice nowadays for airlines is to have more passengers in the aircrafts, which results in less space for the crew and creates an issue when it comes to cabin waste. Current practices, such as trash compacting, have proved to be expensive and complicate further the procedure for flight attendants, caterers and cleaning companies.
Mindful of the issue, the team seeks to improve the handling of waste on board in terms of volume, weight and recyclability.

Joint Power

What will medical education look like in 2020?

The Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH), ranked in the top 10 medical centers in Europe, believes the way of teaching in the medical faculty is going to be revolutionized by new emerging technological solutions. As the Google generation of medical students has all the world’s knowledge in the palm of their hands, the real challenge is how to implement it into practice.

Hence, the role of our team, Joint Power, is to develop pedagogical solutions further so that they will better serve future needs and take into account developing technological solutions. Specifically the aim of our projects is to create multi-purpose teaching facilities for HUCHs new trauma hospital estimated to be ready in 2021. Our job is to provide the best solutions for education in order to prepare students for the doctoral profession and to ensure that the facilities best support world-class scientific research.

Torque Squad [kNm]

The team is tasked with coming up with a new way to increase the capacity and to better store the biogas on Valtra N series tractors while still keeping the tractor as sexy as before! In addition, new markets and business opportunities have to be explored and developed. Torque Squad [kNm] is a multidisciplinary team consisting of mechanical engineers, Industrial and textile designers, and financier with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Little Grey Cells (2015-2016)

Everyday, thousands of vessels navigate around the world, transport passengers

and goods. Vessels engineers experts are at their customers service around the clock through service contacts providing support to ensure reliable system performance. Each time a vessel is immobilized, it costs a massive amount of money to the ferry companies. Problems have to be solved quickly.

Our team have been wondering how to improve the efficiency of interventions on vessels. The main problem is the communication between technicians off shore and assistance on shore. We propose solutions based on live communication service and machine learning problem solving.

Ennea (2015-2016)

Suurpelto is a unique living district in Espoo, Finland, that will be a home for 10 000 residents in 2025. As the area is under construction, it currently doesn’t meet all the expectations of its inhabitants. The task of our multidisciplinary team, Ennea, is to enhance the feeling of the area. We will look solutions from various fields: media architecture, art installations, and collaborative events. 
Our aim is to provide designs that complement the vision of the area: sustainability, innovativeness and life-long learning. By documenting and showing this, we also strive to improve the overall brand of area.