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Team V/ultra (2017-18)

Farming may seem to have an idyllic work environment surrounded by never ending fields and beautiful nature. What few people know, is that behind this idyllic facade hides an industry with one of the highest accident rates. Each day approximately 240 workers suffer injuries in the US alone.

To prevent these accidents we are developing a new way of working in agriculture through the concept of intelligent wearables. These smart wearables would increase both safety and work efficiency in a way that would make a difference for the workers in this industry.

Team Atarum (2017-18)

We want to shape the future of emergency patient care by developing solutions for mobile gyro-stabilized treatment platforms. We use Murata’s world-class MEMS sensor technology for extreme reliability and high performance. Our aim is to decrease time-to-treatment for patients who require stabilization or treatment on transportation.

Team Sauron’s Eye (2017-18)

Towering meters above the ground, cranes have a perspective that no other machine or person has.  This all seeing vantage point presents a unique opportunity for improving construction site operations. Team Sauron’s Eye will use the crane as an intelligent base for improving worksite efficiency by tracking materials’ locations and creating a time efficient crane schedule. Additionally, these new products will reduce communication barriers, a concern gleaned through our research.  Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs looks forward to creating a solution that addresses these concerns, all the while functioning in a rapidly changing environment.

Team CooKit (2017-18)

Are you interested in redefining your cooking experience?
Our goal is to design a new solution that will change the cooking experience by redefining the kitchen and making cooking fun. We want to develop a smart kitchen system for people that love cooking and want to have fun while doing it.

We are a team of passionate people that want to change the habits of people in the kitchen.
Our interdisciplinary background allow us to develop cutting edge solutions for a smart and fun cooking experience

“Time for Smart Kitchen”

Team WASP (2017-18)


Our goal is to rethink the way air traffic is controlled with the Remote Control Tower (RCT). With Saab’s high standards of quality in mind, Team WASP works to improve the RCT, making it more user-friendly, efficient and safe for air traffic controllers. Working together like in a swarm of wasps, and combining our multidisciplinary background, we will achieve something that will make one of the hardest jobs in the world easier!

Team Trident (2017-18)

Everybody needs to eat, but that’s not the reason why we all go out to restaurants. Restaurants have always been great places for family reunions, business meetings and events celebrations. Ideas are born and friendships are strengthened during meals.

We want to make sure that customers have the best possible experience while savoring their food, and this experience should reflect their surroundings and stay up-to-date in an ever-changing world.

Things are going to be a lot different in the future. Have you ever pictured a fully automated kitchen? One where robotic chefs prepare your food, and everything moves seamlessly in peaceful harmony. Fast food would be faster, and humanoid robots could cook exquisite dishes with unimaginable precision.

Our team members from Aalto University and University of São Paulo are working on a robot chef that will revolutionize the restaurant business and make every single meal unforgettable.

Come visit us at the Gala and take a sneak peek at what the restaurant of the future will look like.

Team Placeholders (2017-18)

Team Placeholders is creating a new solution for storage with Orthex. Our goal is to construct an intelligent way to store goods at home. Since 1956, Orthex has been famous for its simple and functional products. We aim to combine Orthex’s core competencies with intelligent technology. Our ambition is to create a way to find the exact thing that you need, when needed. Simple and functional design combined with smart technology makes organizing goods easier than it has ever been.

Our team consists of nine students with interdisciplinary backgrounds from engineering, design and business. We also have a high variation of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. These factors enable us to examine the field of storing from a wide range of perspectives. Meet us at gala to witness the future of storing!

Team Unit3 (2017-18)

In 2010 Aalto University merged three of Finland’s finest schools into one: Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Now that the business and design students will be joining the Otaniemi family; one of our oldest and most beloved organizations – KY – has sponsored the development of a symbol of ‘Student Unity’.

Team Unit3 has accepted the challenge of creating something that symbolizes student life at Aalto University. It is our hope that it will also be used as a functional space by our future students. In addition to this, our design must incorporate wood as a featured material.

Team Futulift (2017-18)

Our mission is to develop an elevator car that can be installed by a robot, as well as develop the robot to do this task. This project is all about futuristic technology and making a case study of robotic-centric product design. If the product is designed to be assembled by a robot, the parts can be compiled together in a way that is not possible for a human. Also with a robot for example the mass of different parts and ergonomy while assembling are not an issue.

The project is sponsored by Kone Oyj. We have a talented international team in which six members work in Helsinki and five members in Munich. Our strength is in mechatronics, but we also have for example a business shark, a designer, a computer wizard and an applied mechanics guru in our team.

So far we have done our PD6 prototype, played with Arduinos and Lego Mindstorms, brainstormed ideas for both the elevator car and the robot, made schedules and rules for the project, and bonded as a team. In May we will have finished prototypes of both the elevator car and the robot.

This is still a very early stage of the project, so stay tuned –This page will be further updated when the project proceeds. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact us: futulift@gmail.com

Team WeBrew (2017-18)

Home brewing has becoming a growing trend in the world. However, it is a very delicate process which needs practice and experience. To achieve desired quality, brewers should make sure to maintain sensitive parameters throughout the process. Even if there are products in the market to make this process easier, the problems still remain in controlling parameters and the usability of the products. Our objective is to identify these problems and solve them with the help of current IoT technologies.

Team Smart Capuchin (2017-18)

ABB manufactures huge motors and generators. Besides manufacturing, ABB wants to provide superior customer experience and of course that requires the product to work as wanted. Some things related to that can be done in the office but others require some field job. One of those things is taking measurements from installed machines. They are located around around the glove where the customer is. This means that ABB personnel must go where ever needed to have proper data.
What comes to measuring, there are multiple challenges as the machines are huge, locations are dirty and high voltage can be near the measuring points. The probes must be changed quickly from one location to another as the measuring is quite expensive. The measuring points can be far away, but the probe will break if they are handled roughly. So, to put it in other words, team Smart Capuchin is going to create a tool for installing and removing the probes which fulfills all the probe-handling needs there are and might come!

Project contact:
Artur Erke

Team Findia (2017-18)

Findia is a multidisciplinary team from Aalto University in collaboration with Indian School of Design & Innovation. The team is designing and prototyping the first Aalto Explorer Community Controlled Vehicle (CCV) that allows people to explore and research into the unknown under the seas.

The Aalto Explorer is a remotely controlled submarine rover which is modular in nature and runs on some really cool state of the art tech, giving the user a unique experience, teleporting the user to an unknown world of lost stories.

The project is realized in the Product Development Project course at Design Factory in Finland.