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Team Ship Happens

Vessels. Complexity. Overflow of information. A scenario that team SHIP HAPPENS is aiming to solve and simplify. With the support of our sponsor, ABB, we’re a multicultural and multidisciplinary “crew” currently developing an integrated system that helps and improves communication onboard a vessel. To communicate between several rooms, offshore and onshore, according to different necessities, we are utilizing the existing equipment, such as control panels and walkie-talkies, upgrading and complementing these with several concepts and functionalities to answer some vital questions: who’s in command,  how to take and give command. We have determined some complementary concepts such as the smart watch, the e-textiles, the earbud and the tracking system to fill existing gaps and flaws of the current communication. Our main goal is to create not only one single product, but to ally them and to establish a complete, functional and safe system that we can easily apply in a real-life situation. We still live by our motto – You don’t search for information; the information searches you!

Thrust in Nature (2013-14)

Present-day ships consume as much energy on an average trip as many cities in an entire day! The propulsion system of a ship accounts for an immense chunk of that fuel consumption.

Team Thrust In Nature’s challenge was to make huge energy savings in ships a reality, which can reduce travel costs by a significant amount. A nature-inspired ship propulsion system has been developed, inspired by the wave-like movement of a dolphin tail. This system is designed to be the next giant leap in propulsion technology for ABB Marine.

Sponsored by: ABB Marine.

Final Presentation: Thrust in Nature 2014