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Team Smart Capuchin (2017-18)

ABB manufactures huge motors and generators. Besides manufacturing, ABB wants to provide superior customer experience and of course that requires the product to work as wanted. Some things related to that can be done in the office but others require some field job. One of those things is taking measurements from installed machines. They are located around around the glove where the customer is. This means that ABB personnel must go where ever needed to have proper data.
What comes to measuring, there are multiple challenges as the machines are huge, locations are dirty and high voltage can be near the measuring points. The probes must be changed quickly from one location to another as the measuring is quite expensive. The measuring points can be far away, but the probe will break if they are handled roughly. So, to put it in other words, team Smart Capuchin is going to create a tool for installing and removing the probes which fulfills all the probe-handling needs there are and might come!

Project contact:
Artur Erke

Team Ship Happens

Vessels. Complexity. Overflow of information. A scenario that team SHIP HAPPENS is aiming to solve and simplify. With the support of our sponsor, ABB, we’re a multicultural and multidisciplinary “crew” currently developing an integrated system that helps and improves communication onboard a vessel. To communicate between several rooms, offshore and onshore, according to different necessities, we are utilizing the existing equipment, such as control panels and walkie-talkies, upgrading and complementing these with several concepts and functionalities to answer some vital questions: who’s in command,  how to take and give command. We have determined some complementary concepts such as the smart watch, the e-textiles, the earbud and the tracking system to fill existing gaps and flaws of the current communication. Our main goal is to create not only one single product, but to ally them and to establish a complete, functional and safe system that we can easily apply in a real-life situation. We still live by our motto – You don’t search for information; the information searches you!

Little Grey Cells (2015-2016)

Everyday, thousands of vessels navigate around the world, transport passengers

and goods. Vessels engineers experts are at their customers service around the clock through service contacts providing support to ensure reliable system performance. Each time a vessel is immobilized, it costs a massive amount of money to the ferry companies. Problems have to be solved quickly.

Our team have been wondering how to improve the efficiency of interventions on vessels. The main problem is the communication between technicians off shore and assistance on shore. We propose solutions based on live communication service and machine learning problem solving.

Conn Artists (2014-15)

Modern ships, like cruise vessels or icebreakers, utilize azimuth thrusters instead of traditional, fixed propellers with a rudder. Electric podded propulsion systems, such as the AziPod, have an electric motor built in and can rotate freely under the vessel.

Whilst this enables flexible and precise manoeuvring, it’s more complex to control this kind of a system – there might be multiple propulsion pods on board, each individually controlled. Captains also have a large amount of information on the bridge to deal with.

We are redesigning the experience of piloting a ship in other to make the controls more human intuitive and meaningful information easy to access. This contributes to a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly future of seafare.

Sponsored by: ABB