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Break down Bio (2012-13)

Break Down Bio is developing large scale composting systems for communities and developing countries. Waste is a growing issue and large scale composting systems could dramatically impact developing countries and global sustainability.

The team is focusing on finding a composting product and educational system for schools in Finland.  The final outcome should be simple, easy to use and fit with a system designed to educate children on composting and the environment.

Break Down Bio is an international and multi-disciplinary team, with a wide range of disciplines and skills. The team is motivated and committed to finding an innovative, sustainable and economic solution that will encourage composting and sustainable living in communities and developing countries.

The project is sponsored by Biolan.

beyond basil (2011-12)

Beyond basil is developing new and innovative ways of gardening in an urban setting. Wouldn’t it be nice to grow your herbs and vegetables and not worry about watering all the time? Isn’t it difficult to find clean and good looking solutions for growing? Whether you are a gardening begin- ner, or a green thumb who is just lacking the space ,beyond basil has found the solution for you. With a passion for sustainability and the motivation of a global issue, we are excited to make our mark in organic food production!

Sponsored by Biolan

What happened after PdP?

Biolan hired team’s designer Katie Bednarz to design their new Ilo -product line! Check out more: Biolan’s Ilo -line.