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Ennea (2015-2016)

Suurpelto is a unique living district in Espoo, Finland, that will be a home for 10 000 residents in 2025. As the area is under construction, it currently doesn’t meet all the expectations of its inhabitants. The task of our multidisciplinary team, Ennea, is to enhance the feeling of the area. We will look solutions from various fields: media architecture, art installations, and collaborative events. 
Our aim is to provide designs that complement the vision of the area: sustainability, innovativeness and life-long learning. By documenting and showing this, we also strive to improve the overall brand of area. 

teaMetro (2014-15)

The new Aalto University Metro station will be the gateway to the Espoo Innovation Garden. The Espoo Innovation Garden is an initiative from the city of Espoo combining Science, Art and the Economy. The project’s objective is to create an unforgettable experience for the Metro user. More specifically, an experience for the Aalto station user.

There are 11 team members from 8 nationalities, and 4 different continents. We all bring different and wonderful talents to the team. We are motivated; we all want to be involved and we want to get started and make something we are proud of. We are excited about the open ended design challenge and getting our hands dirty! And most importantly we want to make a positive impact on the world, starting with this project.

Sponsored by: City of Espoo