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Team GE (2014-15)

The project aims to develop accessories for charging and storing of wireless sensors inside a hospital and to determine the workflow of the sensors and their batteries. We will concentrate to hospital’s intensive care unit and its interfaces to other units. As final result we will have both local and centralized solution on how to charge and store the sensors and a visualization of the workflow; how the wireless sensors will transfer with the patient around the hospital and how the sensors and batteries are maintained when they are not in use.

Sponsored by: GE

OxiCal (2012-13)

Pulse oximetry is the standard for continuous and non-invasive patient monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate in a clinical setting. Currently, pulse oximeter calibration is conducted by inducing hypoxemia in healthy human volunteers. This method of calibration is expensive and time consuming for manufacturers, and uncomfortable for human volunteers.

Oxical has developed an artificial finger to improve the calibration process and accuracy, making the use of human volunteers a thing of the past. Our approach enables accurate light attenuation simulation of various conditions of age and health. Ever wonder what is your oxygen saturation (SpO2) level? Come to OxiCal and measure your SpO2!

Sponsored by GE

imagein (2011-12)

Approximately 75% of the Energy in the world is being consumed by the cities. A large portion of that energy 
is consumed by the buildings alone. With ever growing increase of electricity demand, focus has been shifted 
to clean and efficient energy solutions.

Project Imagein’s objective is to develop a User Interface which empowers Utility Manager of a building in reducing the energy consumption by providing them right information backed up by Energy Efficient Automation Solutions. This system connects to HVAC, Lighting, EV Charging Station and Photo-Voltaic Inverter and reduces Energy Consumption.

Sponsored by GE