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Team HuVi

The workwear locker is a classic Lindström product. It has been a central part of Lindström’s workwear service for decades. With its simple and almost timeless design, the locker has served customers and end-users with simplicity and convenience. However, when facing the developments of 21st century and this decade, the locker is getting outdated. New innovations, such as the Internet of Things and automatization, have taken over many aspects of everyday life at home and at the workplace. Our task is to bring the workwear locker into this decade.

Our Team consists of enthusiastic students from multiple disciplines and cultures. We share a Huge Vision, thus the team name HuVi. We have been applying extensive user research in order to identify the key problems that Lindström’s customers face each day. Based on the insights and findings we work towards creating a prototype that will transform the beginning of the workday to an event you wait for. Interaction with the new locker brightens your day and makes even Mondays enjoyable.

Everywear (2014-15)

Nowadays the mobile workforce has become a growing industry trend. People commute between different working locations, which can change several times per month. This creates difficulties in managing the workwear.

That is why Lindström has asked us to develop a new service concept to meet the requirements of mobile customers. The key to success is to define our customer and to understand their needs. After that our task is to come up with an economically profitable solution. Our team is focusing on a clearly defined customer segment and how the service should work for them.

Follow the team at: everywear.pdp.fi

Sponsored by: Lindström