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The Box

The number of connected devices in cities have been growing over the years and therefore the signal capacity must increase as well. For that, there are small cell radios deployed in the cities that are meant to improve both network capacity and coverage. However, the radios are not always that pleasant to look at. With that said, our challenge, given by NOKIA, is to make a cover to camouflage the small cell radio, with the possibility of adding smart features to it, making them appealing to service providers, cities and citizens.

So far, we have gone through several team brainstorming sessions and ended up with three essential concepts: a cylinder, a customizable box and an independent pole. Having three concepts that differ so much in terms of size and design gives us the opportunity to explore more and to think outside the box… literally!

Nevertheless, these three concepts all have something in common, they all can be upgraded and have smart features added to them. When it comes to the cylinder and the box, they can also be mounted in different structures or surfaces, for instance, walls, poles or bus stops.
We want to keep our focus on modularity and on sleek design.
Our next step will be prototyping and testing. Stay tuned for more updates!

Plink (2013-14)

Remember wandering around a new city, staring desperately at your smart phone screen trying to find the right street corner? Wouldn’t it be cool if your feet just somehow knew where to go and which way to turn?

Tasked by Nokia our team Plink has created a smart shoe concept to bring interactive mobile sensing closer to your skin. No more staring at your phone and getting lost! These shoes will guide you to your destination by haptic feedback, and you will actually see what is happening around you.

You will live in the moment, just LOOK UP!

Sponsored by: Nokia

Final Presentation: Team Plink 2014

Product Introduction: Buzz way 2014

In Media:

Aalto-yliopiston opiskelija Karri Kurunmäki esittelee Buzz Way -älykengän. -Pirkko Tammilehto, Kauppalehti 16.5.2014