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Team SeeCode

Thanks to the Internet of Things era, online clothing has found its way to spread out the influence to potential customers. However, failing in buying correct size, that leads to high return rates which is approximately up to 50%, is the biggest challenge for this segment to grow. In addition, traditional tailors cannot achieve the same accuracy and time efficiency than 3D body scanner. Thus there is an instant niche to create such a product- solution to solve the inaccuracy and time pressure issue. Moreover, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are developing vastly. For this reason, in the nearest future, people will feel comfortable with analyzing their body, creating their 3D body model and using it for a variety of purposes such as games, clothes simulations, healthcare, security etc.

Our task is to create a tangible 3D Full body scanner physical platform, which combines  ensuring accuracy in body measurement, user interface friendliness is prioritized with potential for quick market penetration.