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KIDE (2014-15)


We are busier than ever. Due to this, demand for convenience food is on the rise and now is the time to respond to this demand. Team KIDE designed and built a prototype of the next generation plug-in cabinet for convenient retailing of refrigerated food products.

We want to offer a base for the creation of a wider convenience concept for a variety of food retailing solutions. We offer convenience in every part of the chain, starting from the store owners to machine operator and maintenance worker, all the way to the end customer, you.

Sponsored by: Norpe

Team Norpe (2013-14)

The future brings new trends to the grocery market, trends where convenience stores are becoming more popular than megastores. We are more concerned about what we eat and we want to know more about the products we use, but at the same time our lives are busier than ever before and personnel and premises costs are at an all high.

Team Norpe is focusing on improving the serve over counter shopping experience in convenience stores by developing solutions that speeds up the service, provides easier access to product information and a counter design that meets the smaller stores’ space requirements efficiently.

Sponsored by: Norpe

Final Presentation: Team Norpe 2014