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Imagine how would you transport your entire house from a neighborhood to another … but instead, we are talking about 6 cargo containers tied together. This is the challenge for Team De.RInno, an internationally minded group, formed by 6 nationalities that focus on what is thought to be impossible. Our name stands for Design, Research and Innovation and they form the tripod of our future solution, a moving process that is affordable, reliable, and environmentally safe.

incLEDible (2011-12)

LED-technology is developing fast and providing new efficient ways to light up industrial spaces. incLEDible has developed a whole life cycle lighting concept for industrial premises. The concept includes the phases of planning, maintenance and recycling of the incLEDible lighting system.

LED technology ensures good quality of light, long life time, energy efficiency and durability. This leads to clear savings in lighting costs and low maintenance needs. The team is now proudly presenting a prototype of an industrial high-bay luminaire that is durable, easy to install and keep clean. Come and test it yourself!

Sponsored by Greenlux and Outotec