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Team Seasu (2018-19)

Currently, the use of ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) is mostly restricted to military applications, inspection of mechanisms and submersible structures or in the research branch.
Seasu came up with the purpose of changing that. Bringing together engineers and designers from Finland, Brazil, Italy, and Turkey, we have the mission to innovate in this market, find new scenarios for using submarine drone technology and develop revolutionary solutions.

Sponsor: Saab

Team WASP (2017-18)


Our goal is to rethink the way air traffic is controlled with the Remote Control Tower (RCT). With Saab’s high standards of quality in mind, Team WASP works to improve the RCT, making it more user-friendly, efficient and safe for air traffic controllers. Working together like in a swarm of wasps, and combining our multidisciplinary background, we will achieve something that will make one of the hardest jobs in the world easier!