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Team Vaisala

As the world is getting more and more connected, everything is measured and monitored. Our focus at Team Vaisala is in calibration of relative humidity sensors that are used in multitude of life science fields, bringing us the most accurate weather forecasts, accuracy in different industrial processes, and providing us the best and safest indoor air to breath.
To maintain data quality, relative humidity sensors require frequent, laborious, and complex calibration. This has long been a considerable problem and a bottleneck for many who have a need to gather humidity information. Together with Vaisala we are on a mission to change that by creating a calibrator that is effortless to use and available for everyone!

Team Vaisala (2013-14)

Vaisala, the worldwide leader in sensor technology and environmental measurement devices is looking to disrupt the market by updating their groundbreaking handheld industrial measuring device. This MI-70 is Vaisala’s high-end measurement device, capable of measuring moisture in oil, humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide and pressure in different industrial settings while offering great mobility.

Our team has integrated state of the art technology while completely redesigning the physical characteristics as well as the user interface of the existing device. New value has been added while maintaing the simplicity and ease of use that has attracted so many customers over the years.

Sponsored by: Vaisala

Final Presentation: Team Vaisala 2014


XWOS (2011-2012)

Weather is a common topic in everyday life, but sometimes it becomes vital information. For instance, when looking for people after a tsunami or flooding. When taking counter measurements after an incident in a nuclear plant. Water management systems, events and defense operations need as well accurate and localized weather information.

XWOS is a project to develop a product concept for a compact, autonomous and portable weather station. The team has focused on aspects like state of the arts in usability, transportability and extreme operating conditions, to deliver a new cutting edge product to the market.

Sponsored by Vaisala