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Team V/ultra (2017-18)

Farming may seem to have an idyllic work environment surrounded by never ending fields and beautiful nature. What few people know, is that behind this idyllic facade hides an industry with one of the highest accident rates. Each day approximately 240 workers suffer injuries in the US alone.

To prevent these accidents we are developing a new way of working in agriculture through the concept of intelligent wearables. These smart wearables would increase both safety and work efficiency in a way that would make a difference for the workers in this industry.

Torque Squad [kNm]

The team is tasked with coming up with a new way to increase the capacity and to better store the biogas on Valtra N series tractors while still keeping the tractor as sexy as before! In addition, new markets and business opportunities have to be explored and developed. Torque Squad [kNm] is a multidisciplinary team consisting of mechanical engineers, Industrial and textile designers, and financier with entrepreneurial ambitions.