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Team Sustainable Pirates (2018-19)

Shipping, along with other big industries, is one of the responsible for pollution, emitting one billion tons of CO2 every year. In this project, the team is looking for new ways Wärtsilä can actively contribute to the marine zero emission ecosystem, by prototyping the future of the maritime industry. This can be done through propulsive efficiency, drive efficiency, hull resistance and capability, energy saving, fuels or use of energy on board.
Our aim is to solve this issue by pushing shipping towards zero emission.

Sponsor: Wärtsilä

Team Innoboatics

A lot of alarm information in Engine Control Room. How do cruise team know what they are looking for in the urgent situation?
Our team mission is to find out the root cause of alarms as well as the solution for it which can improve the current situation of alarm system basing on the end-user experience. Innoboatic stepped on board on different cruise ships to conduct interviews from end-user point of view and collect the necessary information for our projects. Our purpose is to increase customer’s satisfaction as well as to increase company’s competitive advantages among other competitors.
Team Innoboatic is group of students from Finland, Japan and Vietnam. They are coming from three different universities and they are representing many field of expertise: Business, Design and Engineering. Team is also honor to have specialists from the company Wärtsilä and very helpful end users to being involved to this opportunity.

Driven11 (2014-15)

We are an international team working on Wärtsilä project. Our goal is to help Wärtsilä to improve their process of building power plants with Augmented Reality by creating a concept and developing a prototype to prove it.

Now we have finished great research work on site and do believe we will come out with some excellent results!

Sponsored by: Wärtsilä


Inspiroivaa yhteistyötä -Aalto University Magazine 05.05.2015 Page 25 

Team Wärtsilä (2013-14)

Nowadays, field service engineers have a range of responsibilities from preparations, on-site supervision and maintenance to submitting the final report of the performed task.

Our project focuses on making the job of these field engineers easier by introducing on-site guidance, supervision and automatically generated report, through a wearable screen, which replaces the old fashioned manuals. Integrated noise cancellation headphones are used for better on-site communication within the team, and voice-to-text conversion for adding comments to the report. The gadget also records measurements, takes photos and stores notes to the automatically created report, which saves time and guarantees that information isn’t lost.

Sponsored by: Wärtsilä

Final Presentation: Team Wärtsilä 2014