André Santos

Team Sauron’s Eye

“Systems do not simplify the results; systems simplify the process of getting there.”Team Sauron’s Eye has set out to achieve just this. Our scalable and powerful monitoring system, which includes automated drone scanning, makes use of the tower crane’s privileged point of view. Workers use this data to track construction materials and enhance communication, improving

Team CooKit

Have you ever left your stove on while cooking your favourite meal? We know safe cooking can be challenging. It’s easy to overcook pasta, burn a steak or, even worse, burn down your house. Team CooKit will save your home from a house fire and, at the same time, will make cooking more enjoyable. Our


Guess which industry has only recently gone digital? Air traffic control! Saab is working at the forefront of the field and making air traffic control remote and digital and Team WASP is helping them improve their current product. In a Remote ControlCentre(RCC) a team of air traffic controllers can operate on multiple airports from anywhere.

Team Trident

Special dishes and events celebrations are our choices to try a restaurant, but it’s not enough. Restaurants are to make sure that customers have the best experience whilesavoring their food. Things are going to be a lot different in the future. Have you everpictures a fully-automatic kitchen? One where a robot chef prepares your food,

Team FoodGuard

Each year, millions of kilos of food end up in the bin. Our shifting schedules and dynamic everyday life make it difficult to manage all that happens in our homes. Food, in particular, can easily slip the mind. In order to minimise food waste, we created FoodGuard – an elegant solution which helps people better

Team Atarum

Have you ever hit a speed bump on the road a bit too hard? Didn’t feel good, did it? Imagine experiencing that with a broken hip or spinal injury. Road conditions can be tough during medical emergency transport: shakes and jolts cause unnecessary pain to patients and even inflict additional trauma. Team Atarum has developed

Team Unit3

How often do you get a chance to meet students from outside of your discipline? Since its creation, Aalto University has provided an ideal environment for successful studies but is still working to find ways to bring its student community together. This separation is a contributing factor to why our students are twice as likely

Team FutuLift

A robot installing an elevator – not science fiction anymore. The laborsome and completely manual installation in a dark narrow shaft by two technicians is the reality today. Team FutuLift says “No more!” and presents a brand new elevator concept that can be installed by a robot. Starting from scratch, the team has combined traditional origami

Team WeBrew

Imagine a world where you can make your dream of beer at home! Sponsored by Ericsson, Team WeBrew introduces an all-in-one, IoT solution for homebrewing with full control over the brewing process. Our team’s aim is to make that process as effortless as possible while providing the joy of creativity and crafting. With the ourmobile

Team ProForce

Did you ever asked yourself, how do I place a very small and fragile object in a very high spot? Well… neither did we. But this is how it all started. To check if a generator is functioning properly or needs repair, we need to carefully place delicate vibration sensors all over it, while the

Team Findia

The ocean covers nearly 70% of the earth and 95% of it remains unexplored. Aalto Explorer is a start-up company that aims to provide the first “Community Controlled Vehicle (CCV)” for underwater exploration for researchers, explorers and everyone who is interested in discovering and learning the unknown in our ocean. FIND-X, is an integral product

Team Kovr

Farmers of all industries work long hours so consumers can enjoy their end products at home. They work regardless of weather conditions being extreme. Extreme environments create risks for accidents especially with farmers using tractors. Kovr is a Service System which aims at keeping the farmers secure in and outside the tractors. This system comprises

Team Sustainable Pirates

The shipping industry is making the world smaller to us by making available products from all around the world. However, a little is said about its consequences… The pollution that 1 cargo ship emits is the same as the pollution emitted by 50 million cars, and 230 million people are directly exposed to the toxins emitted near the ports. Our team is collaborating with Wärtsilä to decrease emission problem by developing a modular ship concept, which will separate the engine and the cargo parts during docking.

Team MiCrane

Human errors are the main cause of tower crane accidents, which could be easily avoided by automation. However, developing automation systems is time-consuming and can be tedious financially, not to mention that arranging to test in real sites can be really complicated. Our team is creating a realistic scale model of a construction site with cranes that work much as the real ones do. By using this model, it will be possible to test the newly created automation systems safely, quickly and cost-effectively making construction sites a much safer place.

Team Seasu

When you are diving, you can feel free and forget everything else. However, for the surface team, the uncertainty of the diver’s situation is making the experience tense, because in this extreme sport there is no room for errors. Team Seasu introduces a solution that enables the surface team to track the location and depth of a diver wirelessly and in real time. Using our app and hydroacoustic communication method, we also establish a way to exchange messages between the diver and the surface team.

Team Rapala

Currently, for fishermen to be prepared for different fishing environments and weather conditions, the only option is to bring as many lures with them as they possibly can carry. With the fishing lure of tomorrow, this is no longer required. Our team has been developing a fishing lure to function successfully in alternating environmental conditions. This is achieved by turning the lure color into an adjustable variable controlled by the fishermen in the action. This will create a more relaxed and simple fishing experience without sacrificing the authentic fishing traditions.

Team T-Ray

When going to a concert, sports game or other events the last thing on your mind should be your safety. One way to improve security is to utilize x-ray technology which can quickly scan bags for not only guns and knives but also hazardous material that can go undetected using metal detectors. The problem is that x-ray machines aren’t easy to transport because they are extremely heavy and bulky. That’s why we have created the world’s first high capacity transportable x-ray machine. Allowing more venues to take advantage of the technology making events safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Team AI Xperience

Have you ever thought about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it can help you now and in the future? AI is everywhere around us today and in the coming few years it will be more and more present in our daily lives, so why not take a moment now to understand its applications and the benefits it can bring?

Team Nose Knows

Dogs have been man’s best friend for ages now. Changing lifestyle styles and smaller living spaces, make dogs anxious and stressed. In our absence, this stress leads to unwanted “accidents”. Nose Knows has developed a solution which keeps our pet dogs busy while life keeps us away from them. Our robot trains dogs to solve puzzles using their sharp sense of smell which engages them and develops skills for an enhanced pet­-human bond.

Team Freelevator

The Freelevator is an unconventional elevator of the future. By cutting down on cables and counterweights, we’re allowing the elevator to move not just vertically, but horizontally as well. And while doing so, we’re also conserving energy. The elevator car will be suspended between two shaft walls which allows it to go as high up as desired and also anywhere within one floor. This will bring forth a revolution in the way we build cities in the future and how we move about in larger buildings and other structures.

Team Floss

Our mission was to take a professional, high-end piece of dental equipment and breathe new life into its robust and successful design. Through the pursuit of LEAN production methods and imaginative application of modern manufacturing methods, Team Floss has brought the Focus stability arm into the present day both on the production line and in dentists’ offices all over the world.

Team Double V

What happens when welding meets augmented reality? The future. Welding is a complex and challenging field. We, the Double V team, believe that implementing augmented reality will improve working conditions, quality, efficiency, and communication, revolutionizing the industry.
The revolution has just begun.

Team Bottle Squad

By 2050, there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish. Roughly, half of all that waste will be from plastic bottles. We are team BottleSquad, and we were tasked with a simple, yet profound task: stop plastic bottles from polluting our oceans. By redesigning, rethinking, and reshaping the plastic bottle, we aim to present a solution that will tackle the global issue of plastic waste.

Team Mind Matter

By taking advantage of multi-sensorial stimuli we have created an innovative therapeutic experience that not only adapts to a patient’s individual needs but also helps them work through common challenges associated with early-stage memory disease.