Joel Tolonen


Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) has been rapidly gaining ground in recent years both in consumer and professional application areas, such as gaming, employee training, collaborative design. However, the development of haptic interfaces, such as smart gloves for gesture-based interaction, are still at an early stage. The project’s objective is to develop new haptic interfaces that would

Team Winco

Have you ever experienced train delays during winter? You might be looking at the effect (delay) but we are looking at the cause (switches). Switches are affected by the build up of ice and snow, making it difficult for them to function correctly. To avoid this the switches are heated by energy intense resistors which

Team SkyCrew

Imagine. You are working in a new workspace and sharing it with many others. After a while, you start feeling that the area around you could be more… inspirational, open or heck, loud and crazy. Now, what if you were handed the possibility to make that change, with free hands for researching and developing that

Team Bridge to the future

Ever taken the ferry to Tallinn, or any other trip? It’s quite pleasurable and worthy experience right? Well, what goes on in the bridge of that ship is a totally different story, especially when it comes to alert situations. We are here to transform the experience with the bridge environment and ship them directly to

Team FireFlys

The severity of wildfires has been increasing over the past decades. Giving rise to increased loss of life, damage to property and destruction of nature. Presently employed solutions to monitor vast areas, such as forest are lacking and expensive. The goal of Heimdall together with team “FireFlys” is to deploy cutting edge sensing technologies on


Everybody can imagine that it’s a uncomfortable experience to have cancer scanned by going inside a scanning capsule of cancer scanner machine in the hospital. Luckily, next generation of cancer scanning is here. ScanWear is a wearable PET cancer scanner, that scans for a longer time than a regular PET scanning device, meaning that the

Team Futudent

Usually, dentistry, as well as the majority of medical manipulations are not associated with comfort. How to make the patient feel safe, as well as the doctor do their task more precisely and faster? Experience shows, that a lot of time is spent for the loads of documentation, whereas it could and it has to

Team Tardigrade

Most satellites fall back down to earth and burn in the atmosphere due to air drag. The problem is that these satellites are standardized in volume and cubic shape, because of launching requirements. This cubic shape is also the attribute contributing to the air drag. Team Tardigrade is determined to design a post-deployment mechanism to

Team UFO

Today autonomous lift trucks are beginning to populate modern warehouses. However, full automatization is still far in the future. Warehouses have to incorporate manual and autonomous lift trucks in their operations. We are developing a Human-Machine Interface based on commercial tablets for manual warehouse lift trucks. The goal is to improve the workflow for the

Team Wonder

What if a sensing material could change the way we interact in everyday life; in our homes, public spaces or with technology, as well as collect data to inform the future? Imagine have created a product that can do just that. A sensing material using graphene that has the potential to transform the way industry

Team Turners

Turntable for elements – How to rotate the heavy concrete elements at construction sites? Currently it’s done by two cranes, which ties up valuable crane time. Using a turntable will allow reorientation of concrete elements with weight of 10 000 kg even at sites where there is limited crane capacity. Goal is to have a