Electronics Workshop

Starting date: November 26, 2018
Starting time: 00:00

Teachers: David Leal and Shreyasi Kar from ADF Electroshop.

When: Tuesday 26.11, Wednesday 27.11 and Thursday 28.11 each day from 13:00-16:00.

Where: Tuesday – Engine room, Wednesday – Lobby, Thursday – Puuhamaa

Learning Objectives:

– Day 1 (26.11)

Introduction to analog electronics, pcb and arduino.

– Day 2 (27.11)

Introduction to analog and digital sensors and having a sensor party.

– Day 3 (28.11)

IoT basics and custom boards.

At the end of the workshop, the students will be given a task to complete. It should be returned by 7th of January.
Every student should bring their own laptop.

By accomplishing the workshop, participants will get 1 ECTS.


No pre-understanding of electronics required. The course is planned for non-tech students, business and art students are highly encouraged to join.

Places: 20 students.

Sign up here: (link)

PdP Teaching staff