Halfway Show 2020

Starting date: January 24, 2020
Starting time: 16:00

The halfway show presentations are upon us, and preparations are ongoing to make it a great event! If you haven’t discussed the event within your team yet, it’s a good idea to put it on top of your agenda of your first team meeting after the holidays 🙂
What’s the event all about? How to prepare? and what to present? you can find your answers below.

Halfway Show (HWS) is your chance to present your project to the class and the world.

You will have 10 minutes to present your brief, what you’ve done so far, and your future plans with supporting media (slides, pictures, video, live demo, etc)

January 24th, starting at 16:00 at Stage.

The Dos and the Don’ts:
You will have 10 minutes to present your project. In these 10 minutes, your task is to ensure understanding of your audience. You wouldn’t want to confuse them with too much detail, neither create more questions than you answer. As with all presentations, adapt your presentation for your audience. In this case PdP students and DF people. Use supporting media such as images, videos, and sounds. We don’t want to see slides which are a wall of text. The audience can only focus on one thing at a time: either read the text or listen to you. If you need to use text, please limit it to 6 bullet points maximum. Live demos are exciting yet risky since it might not work. Have one or two persons presenting.

Tips for a better presentation:

  • Problem-solution / Heaven and hell: Going back and forth between the problem (hell) and your solution (heaven), thus showing the contrast and proving how your solution is solving the issues.
  • Show evidence: Using fact, numbers, and expert quotes show evidence that your decisions are the right ones.
  • Grand unveiling: When it comes to presenting your “final” product unveil it as if you’re Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone to the world for the first time.
  • Talk further: Talk to the person sitting all the way at the end of the hall. This means you talk with a strong and calm voice to make sure everyone is following.
  • Check your slides on ahead of time (on rehearsal day). Heads up! Not all fonts work from Windows to Mac.
  • Entertain: People are giving you their time, so respect that and don’t bore them or leave them confused.
  • Practice, practice, and practices

PdP Staff