Lecture 3 – Sponsor Matching

Starting date: September 25, 2019
Starting time: 16:15

On Wednesday, 26 September, is the sponsors matchmaking session. We will start at 16:15 like usual at Stage. All contact persons from sponsoring companies will be present.

Parallel sessions of sponsors’ pitches will start, each session will have a group of sponsors. Each sponsor will have 5min in total (1min pitch followed by 4min Q&A).
Check all the project briefs, go through them and prepare questions to ask the sponsors. Organize your teams by having representatives in each session, in other words, divide your team by 3.
After the pitching session, the representatives of each team will get back to their teams, to discuss what they have learned about the projects in each session.
Each sponsor will have a spot around DF. That is your last chance to visit the sponsors at their stands and ask for further information from the ones that interest you the most.
After talking to the sponsors, we will invite the project managers to come to meet us, so that the negotiations start!

PdP Staff