PD6 Week

Starting date: October 14, 2019
Starting time: 00:00

PD6, short for “Product development in 6 hours”, it’s a whole day event that takes place during the week 14th – 18th October. The whole team (local + global) and the sponsor will get together to work on the project for 6 continuous hoursThe outcome result (prototype) will be presented to an audience of other teams at 15:00 sharp.

The different teams and their sponsors must get together to work on the project on a day you agree to meet. Book a day that suits your team and your sponsor from the doodle link that you can find on MyCourses.

In addition to the workshop day, on Monday 14th October, all the teams must be available the whole day. On this day we’ll have the Launch day of PD6 week, here all the local teams will have the opportunity to meet and get to know their global teams and do some fun activities we are preparing for you.
On Friday 18th October evening, all the teams (global teams included) must be available to join our Mystery Eve, this will be the closing event of the PD6 week. It’s one of the best events in PdP course.
So, in sum, you must be present on:
  • PD6 launch day (team) – Monday, 14th October 
  • PD6 workshop (team + sponsor) – Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th October (choose one day)
  • Mystery Eve (team) – Friday evening, 18th October

We’re looking forward to one of the most exciting weeks of PdP.

PdP Staff