PdP Team Work

Starting date: November 15, 2017
Starting time: 09:00

The Power of Constructive Communication

What makes a successful team? Top professionals, individual expertise?


None of this really helps if there is no team work – everything starts with good communication skills. The longer we are not able to build a constructive way to communicate within the team the harder it gets to do so later and the less likely we will achieve or even have any common goals. So start now! Be open, react and commit. Say out loud if you don’t know. Listen, listen, listen. The highest goals are build and achieved together.

In this workshop “The Power of Constructive Communication” we concentrate on the basic ingredients of good communication skills. The workshop is based on exercises and gives the team tools to strengthen their internal and external communication skills. The whole team is expected to attend the workshop at the same time.

The workshop is organized by Elina Aalto. Book your time slot here.