Project Manager Candidates Evaluation

Starting date: September 16, 2019
Starting time: 15:30

Project manager candidates will have an evaluation session on Monday, 16th Sep 15:30 at Design Factory.

So, what’s the role all about?
The manager’s role may be challenging in various ways from keeping the project plan under control to managing and leading the team through different issues.

But there is also something special for you:

  • Extensive training on project management
  • Project managers will receive two extra credits adding up to 12 credits in total with the possibility to receive 15 credits for extra assignments.
  • The best learning experience and strong merit for working life
  • 100% support from the course staff – we strive for gentle and firm coaching

If you are studying product development, considering the role of a PM is a natural option. If you’ve already studied project management, why not to try out how the science works in practice? If you have not, no worries, just have a positive attitude and challenge yourself to learn!
Notice: We’ve had awesome managers from Design, Business and technology fields.

PdP Staff