Prototyping Mini Workshop

Starting date: February 8, 2017
Starting time: 13:00

A short prototyping workshop with our in-house prototyping guru Saurabh Ingale. Here is what it will entail in his own words:

“It aims at establishing a common understanding of the prototyping phase of the product development for within each team. A short explanation of why, how, and what of prototyping. Then moving to different prototypes that teams can explore, how they make them, and establishing a testing plan and protocol for each stage in prototyping. Ending the session with QnA session with teams with respect to their specific project. The whole session will last for approximately 3 hours. As many of the team members possible should attend since prototyping is also a team building activity. Also the whole team should have the understanding to get better result of it. The objective is to have a full plan of the prototyping phase which will including fabrication methodologies and testing protocols allied to a time line. Obviously these will change as team progress and learn new things during each cycle. It will establish a logic about prototyping; it’s not much about the techniques. Also there will be about 4 teams per session since peer to peer learning and sharing ideas with different projects lends a good perspective.”

There will be two sessions on Wednesday 8th of February each with max. 4 teams participating. This is a team activity so please sign up as a team and not an individual.  You can sign up here:

If there are more time slots left please let us know and we’ll organize more sessions.