How are the teams formed?

Project teams consist of circa 10 students. There will be a special team formation day, where the students are encouraged to find the best team for them through different activities organized by the course staff. At the end of the day each team will consist of people with varying skills and interests. The summarized working contribution of a team is roughly 2500 hours during the academic year.

How will I know if my project idea is something for PdP?

The ideal project proposal is typically future oriented, conceptual design project, and also contain manufacturing and testing of a fully functional prototype or such like.

Okay okay... So what do you need from our side?

Resources needed from the sponsor side are the project fee (15 000€ ) and the “ownership”, which actually means an individual or a group, who are at least as enthusiastic towards the project as the students will be.

Who takes care of the bills?

Administration of traveling, invoicing, subcontracting and purchasing expenses if fully covered by the Aalto University business office.

How about the legal stuff? Is there any contracts?

Written contract, specifying the project plan, intellectual property rights and confidentiality, is always signed by the parties of the project. However, a project must not be fully confidential by nature.

What can you expect to get as an outcome of the project?

Deliverables for the sponsor include full documentation, the prototype and intellectual property rights, such as they are defined in the written contract.

Who else has been sponsoring PdP before?

Project sponsors include companies from various fields and of varying size. Some projects have also been funded by private inventors and organizations.

Below you can find some of the sponsors that have collaborated with us.


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