PDP Gala 2021

This year’s PDP Gala was held entirely digitally. We had over 400 quests and 11 digital booths for students to present their work. Each student team had a responsibility to accommodate interaction on their own booth. Each booth was equipped with several cameras and microphones so that students would be able to show (not only tell) their projects and prototypes to who ever clicked into their digital booth.

Additionally we had a digital stage with a tiny desk concert. We also displayed each student project presentation and demo on the stage. The entire Stage stream is recorded and can be viewed bellow.


Here are this year's student projects

What is PDP

In the Product Development Project (PdP) course international interdisciplinary student teams solve innovation and product development challenges for the sponsoring companies and organisations. All solutions are demonstrated with proof of concept prototypes showcased in the PDP Gala. Read more about the course here.

George AtanassovPDP 2021 Gala