The 27th Annual PDP Gala was held on

Friday 17th of May

9:00 to 17:00 (UTC+3)

For 9 months the PDP teams have been working hard on their unique projects. At the Product Design Gala it is time to reveal the results to the world. For the whole day Design Factory has it’s doors open to everyone who is interested in coming to see the innovations that the future product developers have created. The projects are on display around Design Factory and visitors can interact with the students, try the prototype and get inspired by the atmosphere of the event. There are visitors from all walks of life and great connections can be formed.

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A video stream of each team’s presentation and live demo has been recorded and can be watched at the top of this page.

2024 PDP Projects

Team Airbus

AI is becoming a big part of our lives and is being integrated in many fields.

Nevertheless, we believe that manufacturing and industrial design have not utilised AI to its full potential. We explore the use of AI to enhance the design process and the creation of hangars for aircraft assembly. Our team created a tool that assists architects in the visualisation of concepts by generating images. This tool is meant to represent how hangars can be optimised based on different sustainability parameters such as social, ecological and economic factors.

Let’s explore the possibilities of AI together!

Team Megamorph

Ever heard of graphene – one of the coolest materials on earth, that shouldn’t even exist because of its extraordinary properties? Its amazing qualities, such as strength, chemical stability, and sensitivity, go against what we usually expect, making it a wonder in today’s science world.

Graphene is the base material for a new technology called GMOD (graphene modular displays), which is currently used in display technology. By making use of graphene’s unique affinity with hydrogen and its potential as a molecular sieve, Team Megamorph is taking an alternative approach to the membrane.

We welcome you to join us at our booth to check out how we’ve envisioned the future of measuring gas composition in diverse environments!

EZ Rollers

Rolls are the lifeline of the paper industry. Whether you need to shape the paper or dry it out, you can be sure that there is a roll involved somewhere. The biggest problem during the maintenance of paper mills is the replacement of paper rolls which require extremely complicated procedures. Our solution replaces the rigid trays and cranes traditionally used and replaces them with a light and manoeuvrable net. The total effort required is within the capabilities of just one person to move a mass two times heavier than your car!

Come meet us and see how this extraordinary feat is achieved!

Team Aquavengers

Did you know that on average, people consume around a credit card’s worth of microplastics a week? No? You’re not alone. Microplastic pollution is one of the most complex environmental issues that doesn’t receive the attention it needs. These plastics not only cause potential health risks to sea life, but to yourself!

Our micro-filter is reusable, and utilises an organic material, cellulose, to create an environmentally friendly solution specifically designed to prevent these plastics from entering your body.

Come see the latest technology that will push towards a plastic-free ocean at the Cleanwaters booth!

Team Saab

SAAB, long known for its automotive prowess, has now shifted into the defence sector, focusing on products like the Gripen fighter jet. To spread awareness about their shift in focus, they demonstrate their technology at trade shows. Flight simulators are an excellent way to do this, although they are traditionally very difficult to transport. 

Our project aims to solve this by developing a trunk-size flight simulator; a simulator in a suitcase, utilising XR technologies and motion simulation. This creates the experience of flying the Gripen fighter jet without having to step into the plane at all.

Team Cranepossible

Crane work can be slow and risky when workers have to manually get and attach the right sling or chain for the lifting task. Our team at CranePossible, with Konecranes’ support, took on this problem. We designed a smart storage system, Ilmarinen, to make sling handling faster and safer for crane work.

Our prototype automates picking, moving, and attaching slings, aiming to make things quicker and safer. This means crane jobs can be done more smoothly, with less risk for everyone involved.

Team PolySculpt

Ever imagined turning trash into treasure? Well, that is precisely what Team PolySculpt, sponsored by Metso, is all about!

We are tackling a monumental environmental challenge: mining tailings, whose global volume has reached 217 km3. To put it into perspective, that is like stacking buildings as tall as the World Trade Center in New York, side by side, in a town-width row!

 Our team has been working hard to develop a revolutionary sprayable geopolymer solution made from mining tailings, which can be used as a construction material and as a covering for hazardous tailings.

 Curious to learn more? Join us at our stand and delve deeper into the details of our groundbreaking solution!

Team Lopitech

Do you know how many days it takes to get a skull implant done? Surprisingly about 2 weeks. Getting a skull implant in emergency situations is almost impossible. 

We at team Lopitech are here to reduce and refine the skull implant process by having a user-friendly 3D printed modular design for skull implants, which can be assembled from a kit at much lower costs and faster timings as compared to conventional implants. 

Come meet us at our booth and see what the product looks like with the whole production process.

Team Steel Blue Phoenix

Introducing Rope Runner, our Wire Rope Tester and a beacon of innovation in elevator circularity. With sensor-based technology, it offers comprehensive insights into rope status before withdrawal, unlocking a future of circularity. Connected to an online database, it streamlines inventorying and offers potential market integration for third parties.

Join us in our quest to elevate safety and embrace sustainability. Together, let’s pave the way for a future where every test is a testament to excellence and every rope tells a story of renewal. Elevating the future, one test at a time.

Team Spot On

Struggling to hit your target? Would you like to understand the seemingly random factors affecting your accuracy? Take the guesswork out of the equation with our new Smart Rifle!

The system combines the legendary Sako rifle with a state-of-the-art sensor platform. It easily measures most of the factors affecting the bullet trajectory, in real time, without the need to carry any additional equipment. All shots are logged, giving you unparalleled insights to improve your accuracy.

Come and see the future of accuracy at our booth!

Team Heureka

In the flickering firelight, you sweep your hand back and forth over a smooth limestone wall, leaving soft trails of colour. You take a step back and admire your work. With each stroke of red ochre and black charcoal, the Ice Age beasts come alive, dashing across the barren, frozen landscape. The colours you’ve painted may one day fade, but the spirit of your world will echo through the ages. Experience this immersive Ice Age world with Team Heureka at the Stage! Paint like your ancestors did and watch your art spring to life on the walls of a life-size cave.

Team Waterheads

Have you ever been on a cruise ship raising the atmosphere through the ceiling? Did you notice the fire sprinklers up there? While often overlooked and collecting dust, these sprinklers could be your lifeline in the event of a fire emergency.

We, Team Waterheads in collaboration with Marioff, a world-leading fire protection specialist from Finland, took on the challenge of inventing an integrated and automated sprinkler testing system. In the unfortunate eventuality of a fire accident on a cruise ship or any other site protected by Marioff’s sprinklers, our invention can guarantee the optimal functionality of every single sprinkler unit.

On your next voyage, relax and focus on the essentials. Even in the case of a fire emergency, there is no need to panic – we have got you covered.

Team ShowerHeads

Did you know that one minute of hot showering equals a day of house lighting in energy? Furthermore, studies reveal a significant 24% energy saving when users receive real-time feedback on their consumption.

Discover an innovative, sustainable shower experience with team Showerheads and Oras Group — an innovative concept integrating both mechanical and smart features to nudge users toward conscious energy consumption.

Visit our stand to explore familiar features reimagined, effortlessly enhancing your energy and water conservation. Make a positive impact on the environment with us — a showering innovation committed to a sustainable future.


Ever wondered what fuels the warmth of your winter coat or those delivery bags that keep your pizzas hot?It’s often plastic or even feathers, but we’re here to introduce a game-changer: PCMI (Phase ChangeMaterial for Insulation). This revolutionary blend of cellulose and PCM keeps you warm without harming asingle creature or polluting the planet because it’s compostable!

Our first tests have proved PCMI to be 2.2 times more effective than basic insulation. We’re not justchanging the game, we’re rewriting the rulebook by tailoring the PCM’s temperature for any application.Come visit our booth and discover the limitless potential of PCMI!

Team BioBouncers

Have you ever considered that you’re walking on plastics? Well, that’s what’s probably inside of your shoes right now! The insoles in our shoes are typically made of polyurethane plastic foam, which often ends up in landfills or the environment.

Fortunately, our team BioBouncers has come up with a solution. We’ve developed a biodegradable alternative using Woamy’s 100% biodegradable wood-based bio foam as our base material. Through extensive development, we’ve enhanced its elasticity, making it a viable replacement for polyurethane in various applications that require bounce.

Come visit our stand and experience the strides we’re taking towards a cleaner, more sustainable future!

Team Aalto University Medical Center

We are the Dream Team from OTOS. Dedicating our time to finding accurate and reliable ways to measure hearing loss.

Our focus being on user experience, accessible well-being, innovation and finding new groundbreaking ways to incorporate existing technologies with cutting-edge discoveries we aspire to create a prototype that not only shines in technological invention but also design. By creating a fast and easy yet accurate way of measuring hearing loss we bring the possibility of checking the state of your hearing equally for everyone.

With equality of well-being and equal right to care, we hope we can truly make a change in the world for the better. Excited to bring you all along this journey!

What is PDP ?

PDP Core Principles

The PDP course brings together students from all schools of Aalto University to work on real world challenges presented by an industry partner. All teams have a budget of 10 000 euros that can be used for the realisation of their project. The challenge is provided by an industry partner and the collaboration between the company and the student team is active throughout the year. PDP is an environment that is as close as you can get to real world working conditions with the additions of the freedom to experiment and fail plus the interdisciplinary composition of the teams that in many places is just a buzz word but in PDP it’s true.







History of PDP

The PDP course has been running for 26 Years and over 300 projects have been completed today. The total number of students who have taken the course is over 3000. These numbers speaks to the impact that the course has had and continuous to have in the Finnish and global industry. Many graduates of Aalto lists PDP as their most valuable experience going into working life. PDP has also led to the formation of startups, patents, employment by the sponsoring company and master thesis positions.

 You can find the main website of pdp here

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