Guzmán Álvarez | Ericsson

“It is clear for us at Ericsson Finland that participating in PDP was a great decision: suddenly many students at Aalto are excited about an awesome company called Ericsson and we got to hear lots of new ideas and suggestions from students, some of which have greatly helped us. Furthermore, even if the WeBrew (developing an app for home beer brewing) project seems crazy and unrelated to Ericsson’s business, it actually implements a potential use case of our IoT offerings: one never knows what the next big hit will be!”

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André SantosGuzmán Álvarez | Ericsson

Robert Silén | Restel

“The most valuable thing PDP had to offer was the opportunity to look into a new, unconventional area to see the feasibility of using robotics in a restaurant and kitchen environment. The students were able to explore and produce results that would not have been possible otherwise. Companies should get involved with PDP or student projects to get fresh new views and bold action to implement them – at a feasible price.”

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André SantosRobert Silén | Restel