Tua Björklund
Course Professor

+358 (0) 50 511 3182

Tua is an assistant professor of product development and the teacher-in-charge of PdP. She is also the co-director of the Design Factory and responsible for the interdisciplinary product development major and minor. Tua teaches human-centered product design and design thinking, and her research focuses on effective development collaboration practices and advancing new ideas in organizations.

Kalevi “Eetu” Ekman
PDP Founding Father

+358 (0) 50 555 3566

Eetu is Professor of Machine Design at Aalto University School of Engineering and the Professor responsible for PdP. He is also the Director of Aalto University Design Factory, an experimental co-creation platform for education, research and application of product design. His research and education activities relate to integrated product development process, conceptual design phase, prototyping, and especially interdisciplinary co-creation between engineers, designers, and business professionals.

Aaro Packalén
Course Coordinator

+358 (0) 50 407 4114

TG @Apackalen

Aaro is always ready to help with any project. He is enthusiastic about product development, exponential thinking, and fostering interactions within diverse interdisciplinary teams. During 2022-2023 he was the project manager for H3D-VISIOnAir PDP team, working with AR headset for surgeons. In his free time, he’s an avid enthusiast of music, AV, and IT projects. Currently, he’s pursuing an MSc in Electrical Engineering at Aalto University, continuing his journey of learning and innovation. Combined with his prior work at the DF Printshop, he’s well-equipped to offer assistance whenever it’s needed.

Aimane BlejCourse Staff